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Endowment Gifts

Gifts to the Norwich University endowment represent a commitment to the future of the institution and our students. Endowed funds, which support Norwich in perpetuity or over a 10-year term, can target specific purposes, such as scholarship aid or faculty development. These funds provide a foundation of financial stability that will guide Norwich into its third century of service.

Donors can establish a permanent named endowment fund with a gift or pledge of $50,000 or more. Gifts will be prudently managed as part of the University’s total endowment, with a portion of the annual interest earned used for the scholarship or other need identified.

Donors also have the option to create a 10-year term named endowment with a gift or pledge of $25,000 or more. When funded this type of endowment will provide an annual income for 10 years. Although the balance of this fund would be exhausted over a 10-year term, this scholarship may provide a higher level of awardable income for its intended purpose.

All funds have three years to reach the minimum financial requirement.

For more information about establishing an endowed fund at Norwich, please contact:

Chrissie Dumas '90 & M'16