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Homecoming 2021 Honorees

Harmon Memorial Wall Honorees

2021 Honorees

The following names of Norwich alumni and friends are now inscribed on the Harmon Memorial Wall in 2021. Each of these individuals demonstrated a great love for, and service to, Norwich University.  

Class Year                        Deceased
1945                                   Walter A. Henry
1945                                   Sumner S. Holbrook
1947                                   Hon. Thaddeus Buczko
1950                                   COL David A. Hicks
1950                                   A. Ralph Kristeller
1950                                   Rollin S. Reiter
1953                                   LTC Charles H. Auer
1956                                   Norman B. Storrs
1958                                   Richard T. Mullen
1962                                   LTC Walter F. Bleiler Jr.
1965                                   LTC George T. Hiltebrant
1969                                   Larry W. Jeffords

Friend                                Marilyn C. Hart H’82
Friend                                Doris R. Reiter
Friend                                Marilyn C. Whitney

2020 Honorees

The following names of Norwich alumni, parents and faculty were inscribed on the Harmon Memorial Wall in 2020. Each of these individuals demonstrated a great love for, and service to, Norwich University.  

Class Year                        Deceased
1882                                   Fred E. Steele, Sr.
1944                                   Salvatore B. Simeone
1950                                   John W. Luce
1951                                   Robert S. Lappin
1956                                   Gene E. Prouty
1957                                   James C. Abare
1960                                   Richard E. Francis
1960                                   Robert M. Johnson
1961                                   George F. Donovan
1961                                   Roger G. Samia

Faculty                               Mary E. Hoppe
Faculty                               Frederick D. Larsen
Faculty                               David W. Orrick
Faculty                               Edward L. Richards
Parent                                Marsha A. Budnick
Parent                                Grace L. Moran Ward

Click here for more information about the Harmon Memorial Wall, and to locate others honored on the Harmon Wall. 

Alumni Award Recipients

The Norwich University Alumni Association, with support of the NU Alumni Office and College of Graduate & Continuing Studies, annually presents special awards to alumni and friends who have made significant contributions to Norwich, their community and their profession. 

New Leader Achievement Award
Karthik Raman ’06

Alumni Director’s Awards
John Gatti ’86
Michael Williams ’91

Sustained Service Awards
Hilary McElroy Coons ’01
Dennis Downey ’81

Distinguished Alumni Awards
Dick Goldberg ’71
Michael Palmer ’76

Honorary Alumni Awards
Michael McShane
Bob & Lou Ellen MacDonald P’06
Nick & Christine DiSilvio P’18, P’19, P’20, P’21, P’23

To learn more about the categories and criteria, please click here.

Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

The Norwich University Athletic Hall of Fame is a tribute to the history of Norwich athletics. Boasting nearly 300 individuals and nearly 30 teams, the Hall of Fame recognizes both distinguished athletes and individuals who have contributed to the success of Norwich student-athletes.

For class years ending in 0 & 5:
Chuck Allen ’80 – Skiing, Lacrosse and Soccer
Frank Paul DiMarco ’75 – Lacrosse and Soccer
George Handley ’65 – Hockey and Golf
David Held ’00 – Rifle
Mike Hester ’90 – Football
Sophie Leclerc ’10 – Hockey
Eric Tallent ’10 – Hockey
Robert Ulrich ’00 – Wrestling
President Emeritus Richard W. Schneider, RADM, USCGR (Ret.) – Honorary
1969-70 Football Team
2009-10 Men’s Hockey Team

For class years ending in 1 & 6:
Cindy Fortin ’11 – Hockey
Christine Daniels Giannone ’11 – Basketball
Geoff Hensley ’06 – Basketball
Sharon House ’96 – Soccer
Michael Dan Mori ’91 – Rugby
Robert Goodman ’86 – Wrestling
Chris Munn ’81 – Rugby
Ken Steblin ’71 – Lacrosse
Tony Mariano – Honorary
2010-11 Women’s Hockey Team

For more information, and to see the list of past inductees, please click here.