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Norwich University Homecoming * 2022 *

Homecoming Honorees

2022 Honorees

The following names of Norwich alumni and friends are now inscribed on the Harmon Memorial Wall in 2022. Each of these individuals demonstrated a great love for, and service to, Norwich University.  

Class Year                        Deceased
1929                                   Florilla P. Ames
1944                                   Robert W. Christie
1951                                   Edwin J. Beyerl
1951                                   COL Conrad W. Whitney
1953                                   LTC Thomas W. Atwood
1953                                   Alfred S. Gardner
1959                                   Raymond A. Hendrickson
1961                                   COL Dominic W. Ruggiero
1964                                   Lawrence J. Budnick
1965                                   Charles H. Kosmaler
1967                                   John E. Riggs
1969                                   B. Paul Beaudoin
1970                                   Frank A. Marino
1998                                   Toma Kim

Staff                                   Barry W. Mynter
Friend                                Gen Richard I. Neal        

Click here for more information about the Harmon Memorial Wall, and to locate others honored on the Harmon Wall. 

Alumni Award Recipients

The Norwich University Alumni Association, with support of the NU Alumni Office and College of Graduate & Continuing Studies, annually presents special awards to alumni and friends who have made significant contributions to Norwich, their community and their profession. 

New Leader Achievement Award
Caitlin Banfield ’12

Alumni Director’s Awards
Michael Babyak ’92 ♦ Ken Johnston ’82 ♦ Patty Leavenworth ’87 & P’10 ♦ Michael Tennenbaum ’67

Sustained Service Awards 
Dan Evans ’87 ♦ Doug Houle ’87 ♦ Mark Madsen ’82 & P’19 ♦ Steve Martin ’72

Distinguished Alumni Awards
Jack Bergquist ’67 ♦ Richard Blunt ’72 ♦ Landers Symes ’87

Honorary Alumna Award
Martha Mathis P’06

Learn more about the categories and criteria here.

Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

The Norwich University Athletic Hall of Fame is a tribute to the history of Norwich athletics. Boasting nearly 300 individuals and nearly 30 teams, the Hall of Fame recognizes both distinguished athletes and individuals who have contributed to the success of Norwich student-athletes.

Honoree                           Sport/Recognition
Collin Hyte ’12                  Tennis
Julie Fortier ’12                Women’s Hockey
Katie Hathaway ’12        Women’s Rugby
Trace Tancreti  ’87           Track
Mark Ryan  ’72                  Fencing
Stephanie Hurley ’07     Distinguished Letter Winner
Robert Carroll ’97            Distinguished Letter Winner
Rome Aja  ’66                    Distinguished Letter Winner
Gail Mariano                     Honorary
2011-12 Women’s Rugby Team

See more information and a list of past inductees.