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Class of 1964 Roll Call

Terry Badger

Terry Badger
January 22, 2021 


William BarlowBill Barlow
January 22, 2021 

Present and (mostly) accounted for!

Charlie Baumann

Charlie Baumann
January 22, 2021


Ed BetterleyEd Betterley
January 23, 2021 

Still Present.  

Ed Betterley ’64

Mike BranleyMike Branley
January 28, 2021 

Present. Hope this finds all of you safe and healthy. Stay safe. 

Mike Branley

Wayne BrockWayne Brock
January 23, 2021 


Larry BudnickLarry Budnick
February 4, 2021 


Steve Cerjan

Steve Cerjan
February 23, 2021 



Allen CourtAllen Court
February 23, 2021 

Peter Seiffert, God bless him. We hung around together. In fact, after our Senior Year Exams we headed down to Green Mountain College in my new Pontiac Convertible... to celebrate. However, because I had had a libation I let Peter drive.

We did fine except for the 90-degree left-hand turn that came out of the darkness. We almost made it but the concrete triangle in the center of the street caught the rear axle as we slid on the road sand which spun us around to a jarring stop in front of a mighty oak. What we didn't know was the car was straddling a 5-ft. deep drainage ditch.

We uncoupled the seat belts and I stepped out into space. I looked back from under the car and yelled Peter "watch out" as he did a nose dive yelling on the way down. Fortunately, neither of us was injured from the unexpected skydiving. The car was not so fortunate. Peter was a good friend.

Donald Day, Jr.Donald Day, Jr.
February 2, 2021 

Present (mostly)

Having just witnessed the circus-like 2021 presidential inauguration, I was reminded of the JFK inauguration exactly 60 years ago last month.

I don't know how I ended up on that bus to the nation's capital; some would say I volunteered. Coerced? Either way, I can tell you for certain that I felt privileged to be among those Cadets representing NU and the State of Vermont in the Presidential Inaugural Parade. As it turned out, it was a painful way of achieving glory.

As luck would have it, the DC area was hit with a blizzard the night before the parade, that is to say, the night we arrived. I can remember being billeted in World War II-era barracks at Fort Meade, Maryland. The problem was no one seemed to know we were coming, hence the barracks were not ready. Meaning no heat. A foot of snow. Howling wind. Temperatures that would test the survival skills of a polar bear.

The post engineer scrambled and got the heat cranking, and we climbed out of the bus and made the best of a bad situation. The next day we marched in ankle-deep slush, thereby completing the process of freezing off our collective asses.

"...ask not what your country can do for you...."

Doug DeRuisseauDoug DeRuisseau
January 22, 2021 

Doug (Squire) Deruisseau present and accounted for. Best wishes to all!!!🙂

William DragonWilliam Dragon
January 22, 2021 


Marching in JFK's Inaugural Parade.

Bill Dragon

Michael ElkinsMichael Elkins
January 23, 2021 


1960 Awards Ceremony
1960 Award Ceremony
Charn Boonpraserth '64 and Mike Elkins '64
Charn Boonpraserth and Mike Elkins 1964

Marshall FerrisMarshall Ferris
February 22, 2021 


John FisherJohn Fisher
February 2, 2021 

Present. Thanks for keeping up this tradition. Hoping all are well and safe.

Chuck GlazermanChuck Glazerman
January 23, 2021

Chuck Glazerman “present” and holding down the Southern Ohio branch. Nice to know we’re now old enough to stand at the head of the line for shots in the arm. Fond memories of Paps, Jimmy Tat, Fossil Fred and so many others. Stay healthy!

Chuck Glazerman

Judson HallJudson Hall
January 22, 2021 

All I can remember is hoisting a garbage can up the flag pole, stuffing toilet paper and tin cans in the cannon, and the infamous panty raid. Oh, and putting one of the tanks in a slide on the ice. And too many hours walking around the parade ground. Tours... Hope you two are doing well.


Robert HalleckRobert Halleck
January 23, 2021 


Norwich Forever
Bob Halleck

Jay KoltenJay Kotlen
February 19, 2021 



Michael KrauseMichael Krause
January 24, 2021 

Dear Classmates:

In good health. What a year!

We continue to serve as President of The Veterans’ Place: a transitional home for homeless veterans here in Northfield.

We travel between our home office in Washington, DC and our homestead here in Northfield, VT.

If any of you remember Monsignor Sutfin, Head of the Department of Philosophy, Religion and Fine Arts (PRFA) you may remember his home—now ours—here up on Winch Hill. Now a winter wonderland with 2+ feet of snow! Please come by when you can—taking COVID 19 precautions!!

Trust you are all trying to stay healthy.
God Bless you.
Michael and Deborah Krause and Family

Willie LeipertWillie Leipert
January 24, 2021 

Willie Leipert, Present.

Cell 802-233-6084.

James LevesqueJames Levesque
January 24, 2021 

Present... I am sure many of us can recall marching in the Kennedy inaugural parade in record cold weather in Washington DC. It was the first and last thing I volunteered for... 60 years ago!

Ronald LewosRonald Lewos
January 24, 2021 
Ronald W. Lewos
904-571-6758 (cell)

Richard	LovisoneRichard Lovisone
January 22, 2021 
No specific stories to relate.
Thanks for doing this!

Joseph LuzziJoseph Luzzi
January 27, 2021 


Bob MackBob Mack
January 30, 2021

Jim and Pete,

At our reunion before the most recent one Bill O'Brien was living in New Jersey. His phone number was 215 295 1711...

Best, Bob Mack ’64

John ManchesterJohn Manchester
February 17, 2021 

Checking in. All is good here. In Florida for a few months this winter.


Bob McAllisterBob McAllister
January 27, 2021

Bob McAllister, PRESENT. Boy, time does fly. 60 years ago there were a large number of our classmates that marched in the inaugural parade of JFK. , As "lower than whale ___" rooks, we were delighted just to get off-campus. Vivid memories for this trip are:

• As our buses approached our Washington area destination each bus was informed of the 3 or 4 places that were off-limits to Norwich Cadets. This was wonderful news, as we had just been handed the list of "hot spots" for nightlife in the Capitol. We would have had no clue of these great spots without this list. Buzzy Nichols and I took full advantage of this great information.

• It snowed overnight and into the parade day, We were billeted in a small Quonset type hut at Fort Meade, and when we returned from our night of carousing we just fell into bed, not realizing that the furnace was not working, Woke up....and it was like sleeping in the middle of a field.

• Parade day we formed up on a side street and waited our turn to be blended into the parade. We stood in 2 inches of slush/snow for well over an hour, just in our dress shoes. By the time we got into the parade route we could barely feel our feet.

• The parade route was very narrow. There were bands in front of us and behind us. Noise was crazy. I heard afterwards that something very interesting had happened to one of our longer platoons. The front of the platoon was in a "left column turn", not knowing this, the Sergeant in the back called for a "change shoulder arms", which made for some rifle and head clanging moments at the pivot point.

• General Harmon used to remind us that we represented Norwich on and off-campus. I believe that there was no time limit on our Honor Code, and so I hereby, 60 years after the fact, turn myself into NU President, Col Mark Anarumo... for any and all cadet indiscretions that may have been committed during our visit to Washington, DC, January 1960. I will gladly return to the "hill" to walk off as many tours as may be deemed necessary. However, I may need and seek advice from some of my classmate "professional tour walkers" such as Mike Capone, Pete Woodley, Dick Corsetti, et al.

Colin McArthurColin (Mac) McArthur
January 26, 2021 

OK, full disclosure. I graduated in '65. However I am, and will always be, a member of the class of '64.

After three years at an all-male military high school, I headed to Norwich, an all-male military college. If you think my mind was on academics it wasn't, it was on skirts. At the end of our sophomore year in Jan. 1962, I was suspended for a combination of a low GPA and getting caught at VC with a case of beer in my car (underage) one cold night after an away hockey game. Maj. Albree couldn’t be happier that I was suspended noting I was both a poor student and a continual screw-up.

Back a year later, after summer school at NU and getting my head screwed on properly, I got well ahead by taking classes at Hofstra and Adelphi colleges on Long Island. Back on the hill in early '63, I was welcomed by Maj. Albree on my return telling me "I doubt you will ever graduate from Norwich" and immediately putting me on 60 days close military confinement (CMC if you recall) for the previous years infraction. Had I known that would be my welcome back I doubt I would have returned to NU. As was typical of most folks on the five-year plan, I stayed mostly out of view and socialized more with my '64 friends and others who worked in the mess hall than I did with my new '65 classmates.

After graduation and commissioning, I spent the next 26 years in uniform. Arriving in Vietnam three weeks before Tet 68, I had a gritty introduction to war and gained lasting respect for young American soldiers and was privileged to lead many of them over the next two-plus decades. Unfortunately, we lost four '64 classmates and have honored them by placing their names in granite within the walkway into the Army’s new Museum at Ft. Belvior, VA. And yes, I checked off an item on my bullet list when I retired having outranked Lt. Col Albree.

The past decade has been fun hanging out with ten '64 classmates over Homecoming weekends usually starting on Wednesdays or Thursdays, playing golf for a couple days, having great dinners out and fun times in the places we rented. Unfortunately, we've lost a number of close friends in the past couple years including Bob Bale, Biff Clegg and Barry Butler. Hopefully, a number of us will carry on remembering lost friends and enjoying one another: Corsetti, Montana, Manchester, Capone, Kotlen, Moore, and myself. Good folks all. The spirit and comradeship of '64 continue on and I’m proud to be part of it.

Norwich Forever
Colin (Mac) McArthur

Curt MichaelCurt Michael
February 22, 2021 

The Norwich experience for me was a life-changing one for sure. My freshmen roommates in Alumni Hall, Guy Hollingworth and Charles Flagler, became lifelong friends. I met my future wife of 56 years, Barbara (VC ’64) in Montpelier. I did the basic Corps of Engineers Course at Ft Belvior, VA with Joe Luzzi in late ’64. I later went to work after two years active at United Aircraft/United Technologies now Raytheon Technologies and immediately determined that ME ’64 classmates Bill Knose, Ernie Mellor, Larry Milo and Joe Lisanti were there, too. Charlie Flagler and Doug Campbell and I have skied together since those early days on the slopes in Northfield.

Norwich Forever.

Curt Michael
BSME ’64

William O'BrienWilliam O’Brien
January 25, 2021 

Jim, Peter,

Thank you for continuing the Class of '64 Memorial Roll Call which encourages each of us to recall, reflect and reach out to a roommate, teammate or classmate with whom we shared the Norwich experience.

This initiative can serve as a stimulus in overcoming the procrastination of "I would have, I could have, I should have" that hinders reaching out to those individuals who have influenced our lives. The recent Deceased Notice announcing the passing of Brendan Cleary '63 made me aware of how much he meant to me during a tough Rook year.

Unfortunately, I never reached out to him to convey my appreciation for the contribution he had upon the navigation of my journey.

Please keep this annual Memorial tradition going,

Walt PheeneyWalt Pheeney
February 7, 2021

Walt Pheeney – PRESENT

Good job Jim & Pete.

One of my fond N.U. memories is from our Rook year when General Harmon addressed the Corps in the Mess Hall. The NU football team had just defeated Middlebury at Middlebury and most of the Corps had been bussed to the game.

After the win, there had been a somewhat rowdy "confrontation" between the Corps and Middlebury students.
The following Monday noon General Harmon severely dressed us down as only he could and grounded the Corps. As he was leaving the Crow’s nest he quietly suggested that we whooped them handily.


George PhilleyGeorge Philley
February 5, 2021

Just remembered the due date!


Doug PooleDoug Poole
January 22, 2021 

PRESENT!   Doug Poole


Dick RobertDick Robert
January 22, 2021


Lawerence RootLawrence Root
February 23, 2021 


Bob RossellBob Rossell
February 9, 2021

Bob Rossell is present in Lakewood, Colorado.

John StevensJohn Stevens
January 22, 2021

Still able to be counted present.

Will StoddardWill Stoddard
February 9, 2021 


John ThomasJohn Thomas
January 22, 2021 


Thank you for the updates as they are so appreciated. I'll further describe some key moments, but want to keep in touch. NOW, as time flies.

John G. Thomas

I had hip replacement surgery on July 9, but with hard training, started the ski season at Wisp Resort, MD, when it opened on Dec 11, for my 17th  season as a member of the National Ski Patrol. Pretty awesome. 

Covid has really had an impact on our team and management style, but "I will try" is still my motto. 

I did manage to spend a brief moment with President Schneider and his wife in September, as their Vermont home is on Lake Dunmore, Salisbury, Vermont, an area I know well and spent many, many Summers.  

Since my wife is a Vermonter, Hyde Park, we have a home in Warren, Sugarbush ski area, and frequent it regularly, from WV.  In the Winter, Norwich hockey has been our tradition. Remembering the Old rink. And marching to a Middlebury game as a rook. Was there when they won last year. Unfortunately for us, not this year.

Keep in touch.

I do have a website. Mostly academic. But some might find it interesting, as I am still involved in research. And teach with puppets. Major Albre, where are you???

And publish.

Norwich Forever.
Norwich, Shoulder to Shoulder.

John and Penny Thomas

Larry UnderwoodLarry Underwood
January 23, 2021 

Present! Norwich forever!!!

Larry Underwood

Charlie ViallCharlie Viall
January 23, 2021 

Charlie Viall Present.

Harold WilberHarold Wilber
January 22, 2021 

Dear Jim and Peter,

When I returned to Norwich to finish out my 26-year Marine Corps career as Professor of Naval Science it was great discovering the students and Corps of Cadets then were just as good if not better than the Class of '64. Our alma mater is tracking well.

Semper Fi,

Harold B. Wilber, Col. USMC (Ret)

Fulton WilcoxFulton Wilcox
February 7, 2021 

Present although late to respond.

Peter WoodleyPeter Woodley
January 27, 2021 

Present, Hope to return for next year's reunion. Pete