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Class of 1964 Roll Call

William BarlowBill Barlow
February 16, 2022 

Bill (& Mary) Barlow still present and still together after almost 60 years.

Charlie Baumann

Charlie Baumann
February 15, 2022


Charlie Baumann

Bruce BoldtBruce Boldt
February 17, 2022 

Bruce Boldt - Present

Mike BranleyMike Branley
February 16, 2022 

Present and accounted for. Just know that I am alive and still here. Regards to all and stay safe and stay well.

Mike Branley
Norwich Forever 

Wayne BrockWayne Brock
February 15, 2022 

Present. So glad to see Winter Carnival back. Great tradition.

Carlton BrownCarl Brown
February 18, 2022 


My parents dropped me off at Norwich in August 1960 on their return trip to Maryland after visiting relatives in New Brunswick, Canada. While in Canada, I came down with a severe case of the "grip" resulting in a high fever, etc. I spent my first week at Norwich in the Ainsworth Infirmary.

When I was released, I was told to report to Capt. McNulty, CO of Delta Company. On my way down to Delta Company I saw all these new cadets on the upper parade ground with no hair, doing push-ups, close order drilling and being yelled at. My first impression was "what did they do wrong"". Then I reported to Capt. McNulty. He was conducting a meeting with his senior cadet sergeants . I introduced myself and said I was looking for Capt. McNutly, I didn't salute or refer to him as sir. 1stSGT Larson corrected me on the spot about the correct pronunciation of Capt. McNulty's name and the respect I owed by always referring to him as Sir and salute. SGT Larson said I was a full week behind in ROOK indoctrination. I remember saying "what is a ROOK". You are going to find out he said emphatically.

It was then I got this sinking feeling of being in deep do-do.
I was majoring in Mechanical Engineering and had to stay focused on my studies. The M.E. professorial staff was very good. Every waking minute of the day was accounted for, from morning calling, fall-out formations and personal inspections, mess-hall, classes, ROTC, study hours, SMI, shining shoes, polishing brass and cleaning my M-1 to lights out. I grew up fast learning the importance of responsibility, accountability and living with the Honor Code in all my personal actions. Being from Maryland, I signed up for Mountain and Cold Weather to learn how to ski and mountain climb. M&CW enhanced my confidence and I will always remember Sgt. Herlihy for his wonderful tutoring. I made Dean's List in my ROOK year. and earned Corporal rank going into my sophomore year. Norwich had a profound impact on me that ROOK year and that's why the spirit of "Be all you can be" carried forward in my life.

Larry BudnickLarry Budnick
February 15, 2022 

Still hanging in. Present.

Larry Budnick, Jr.

Robert W. Campbell

Robert Campbell
April 11, 2022 

Present, living in Folsom, CA, enjoying retirement with my wife Belinda.


Steve Cerjan

Steve Cerjan
March 2, 2022 

Steve Cerjan Class 1964 is present.


Richard CorsettiRichard Corsetti
February 17, 2022 

All good here. Dick Corsetti

Allen CourtAllen Court
February 16, 2022 

PRESENT!!! Allen. H. Court  "64" NORWICH FOREVER 
Shoulder to Shoulder

Donald Day, Jr.Donald Day, Jr.
February 16, 2022 

Still present.

Doug DeRuisseauDoug DeRuisseau
February 15, 2022 

Present and accounted for 😎.

William DragonWilliam Dragon
February 16, 2022 

Bill Dragon “Present”. All is well here in Bend Oregon.

Joe EgolfJoe Egolf
February 21, 2022

MacBoing Boing rode the horse off Sabine Field and the football game to downtown Northfield at Marg and Juniors as I recall. I am PRESENT Sirs.

H. Earl Evans, IIIH. Earl Evans, III
March 1, 2022 

Earl Evans is “Present”, alive and well in St. Augustine, FL.

Marshall FerrisMarshall Ferris
February 18, 2022 

Marshall64 present.

I can vaguely recall an earth tremor our Sophomore year. I looked across the parade ground (no trees at that time). I saw, I think, a Freshman jump from 2nd story. Duck Mendal?

Chuck GlazermanChuck Glazerman
February 15, 2022

Chuck Glazerman 

Present and still holding down the southwest Ohio flank better known as Bengals country (Perhaps next year).

In good health and Covid-free. Remain active playing keyboard in two local music projects - Cincinnati Conservatory of Music’s (CCM/UC) Adult Jazz program and “Retroactive Band,” a local five-member pop cover band. Lots of fun while keeping the brain cells active and strong. All started back at Norwich with Jimmy Tatko and "The Jaguars.” Recall we were one of the first house bands at the Blue Tooth in Sugarbush. Those were the days trying to look “cool" in the Beatles’ era with our short cadet haircuts. LOL.

Regards Bob and Earl

Robert HalleckRobert Halleck
February 16, 2022 

To all, 

I am present

Robert Halleck
NU ’64

William	HarriganWilliam Harrigan
February 19, 2022

Sir, Present and accounted for. Looking forward to our 60-year reunion in 2024.

Jay KoltenJay Kotlen
February 15, 2022 

Jay Kotlen -- Not too much has changed here. My wife Sue, and I are still realtors with Coldwell Banker in Trumbull, CT and have referred many of our classmates to reliable CB realtors in their home moves.

I still play golf in the warmer weather and try to stay away from INDOOR eating at restaurants during COVID (hopefully this year will ease off so we can get back to a more normal existence - playing poker 2-3 times/week (masking now while we play).

Hope everyone stays well!!!!!

Willie LeipertWillie Leipert
February 15, 2022 

Willie Leipert “Present”. In Debary, Florida for the Winter, Stowe and St. Albans, Vermont in the Summer.

James LevesqueJames Levesque
February 16, 2022 

Good to hear from both of you. Glad to see this new tradition continues on for another year. Now that medical issues seem to monopolize conversations, it is great to receive your memo to stimulate old memories. We have an "old-timers" group of alumni that meets for lunch monthly. After all these years it is great to have this bond with our classmates, our alumni, and our school. 

Jim Levesque

John LordJohn Lord
February 15, 2022

Present, and finally transferred to Cape Cod. 

John Lord

Richard	LovisoneRichard Lovisone
February 15, 2022

Well done guys for keeping the ROLL CALL going.

I keep an unofficial record of our passed classmates. In my list I have a record of the passing of John A. Van Lund on 9-5-21. Maybe a check with the school would be in order.

I have no special memories to recall for you. However, please tell our classmates to stop and visit with Dottie and myself. 

Peace and God Bless!

Joseph LuzziJoseph Luzzi
March 11, 2022 


Bob MackBob Mack
February 15, 2022


Bob Mack

John ManchesterJohn Manchester
February 18, 2022 

John Manchester checking in as present. Katie and I are aging gracefully in both Hanover NH and Sarasota FL.

I was glad to see that the roll call was dedicated to my first Norwich roommate, JD McBain. John McBain was probably the most famous riderless Norwich Horseman at Sabine field at halftime on Homecoming weekend in 1962. His equestrian skills were on full display for the entire corp and visiting dignitaries. 

Our 64 Homecoming golf at Sugarbush has dwindled to four remaining stalwarts of Crotch,Capone, Charlie and Me.!! Hope to see more of you guys at the "Bush" this  Fall??

John Manchester

Bob McAllisterBob McAllister
April 6, 2022

Present and enjoying life in Massachusetts and Florida. I also enjoy watching my granddaughter playing hockey and lacrosse for Norwich.


Colin McArthurColin (Mac) McArthur
February 15, 2022 


Curt MichaelCurt Michael
February 15, 2022  


Guy Hollingworth ’64 can be reached at (207) 363-7206 in York, ME.

Charles Flagler ’64 at in Nashua, NH.

Curtis J Michael 
NU ’64

Richard	MoodyRichard Moody
February 17, 2022 

Present. 50 years ago I purchased a house in the countryside of upstate NY. About a third of a mile down the road was a house that needed many repairs (it was leaning to one side). Several years after moving into our house we noticed that the run-down county house was being repaired and brought back to life.

Several years after that we found out that the occupants had a connection with Norwich. The homeowners were Dave and Joan Hicks. DAVE HICKS - yes I remember him - back in 1960 we all knew him as Captain Hicks  (Norwich class of ’51) - he was bringing his home (circa 1793) into the 20th Century. We have enjoyed being neighbors and friends.

Sadly this last year Dave passed away. We will miss going to hockey games and Norwich Send Offs with him.

William O'BrienWilliam O’Brien
February 22, 2022 

The Class of ’64 Memorial Roll Call initiative has had an impact on documenting the historical legacy of our class. 

Each of us shared a 4-year common experience in the early ’60’s, framed by the Cuban missile crisis, MG Ernest N. Harmon’s tenure, the assassination of President Kennedy, the outbreak of the War In Viet Nam, the introduction of the Great Society and the beginning of the Viet Nam era.

This annual tradition has increased connectivity among classmates, been featured as an example for
other classes to follow, and is serving to demonstrate the importance of recognizing the contributions made by older classes. As an example, the recently created Luzzi Brothers Scholarship in Engineering, honoring Joe ’64 and his late brothers, John ’63 and Jim ’67, serves as a testament to one family’s dedication to Norwich.

Continue the march...


George PhilleyGeorge Philley
March 1, 2022

Present and accounted for! My wife Lorna can still count on me to make our bed every morning!   
George Philley ’64

Doug PooleDoug Poole
February 15, 2022 

Douglas Poole is Present.


Lawerence RootLawrence Root
February 15, 2022 

Lawrence Root - Present.

Bob RossellBob Rossell
February 20, 2022

From Bob Rossell - Present. Now living in Lakewood, Colorado.

John StevensJohn Stevens
February 15, 2022

JB Stevens is present.

Lewis StowellLew Stowell
February 15, 2022 

I am present, in Mexico on vacation at the moment. I am still on the Christmas tree farm in Brookfield.


John ThomasJohn Thomas
February 23, 2022 


Love the idea, and look forward to responses.

Driving to Vermont to our winter ski home in Warren, Sugarbush, I jotted some notes, arranged into 2 thoughts: People and Places. Remember, I am a retired professor from WVU, West Virginia University, School of Medicine. I can’t help myself. 

Gary Close, Reverend, my closest friend. Zoobies, together. In old, old Jackman Hall. Long discussions about science and God. On the way back from representing Vermont at JFKs inauguration in DC. Damn cold. Pop Bryan. And Mrs. Vivian. Norwich Librarian, eventually VT State Librarian. Mother to a lot of us. I was so fortunate to have Pop Bryan, stones and all, as my Advisor. I spent so many nights at their home. Home cooking, Sunday football, playing with their 2 sons, Shawn and Mike. And when playing tennis, broke his finger.

Jackman Hall. The wind in winter would blow out a candle in a corner room, shared with Ed Betterly. He was part of my wedding in Woodstock, 1972. 50 years ago. And still going strong with Penny, by the way. We had water buckets for fire. Are you kidding. In each room. SMI would check to see if filled properly. Never. Walk!!! I loved the place. Still do!!! I have my saber. With my name. Hopefully, in the future I can pass it to a grandson. 

Ski hill across the road. Original rope tow, as I would hang that heavy rope on the poles. Only went up halfway, then. But fun. 

John G Thomas
Professor Emeritus

Fulton WilcoxFulton Wilcox
February 15, 2022 

Fulton Wilcox - Present.