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NU 1965 Holiday Message


1965 Classmates,

As 2020 draws to a close, we ask each of you to reflect on the 55 years that have passed since our graduation from Norwich. Stop and consider our class’s collective accomplishments that point back to our education and the values that were taught during our four years at Norwich. Our contributions to the nation and to our fellow citizens have been significant.

As you all know, a great many of us joined the US Army after our graduation in 1965. But, instead of receiving an assignment to Germany as we might have expected in 1961, many were assigned to combat units in Vietnam. Two thoughts on Vietnam: The percentage of graduates from our class serving in Vietnam was among the highest of any 1965 graduating class in the country. The outstanding leadership we provided in combat resulted in many Americans surviving and returning home from the war. Sadly, however, we lost Dick Rand and later Dave Edwards to PTSD. Several members of the class were career soldiers and they demonstrated the Norwich leadership style for others to learn from.

Our class graduated thirteen Education Majors. Most spent their careers teaching our nation’s youngsters. Consider the number of students that must have benefited from the Norwich values that were on display every school day. Two of our classmates spent careers teaching at Norwich. Additionally, our classmates were coaches, scout leaders, and religious education instructors. Through these roles, we affected the lives of many of today’s citizens.

In the business world we had entrepreneurs, business owners, lawyers, engineers, farmers, and many workers who were skilled and who distinguished themselves through leadership and hard work.

Think also about the contributions our class made through voluntary efforts to our local and state governments. We had elected selectmen, town councilmen, and board members participating in numerous civic groups whose work endeavored to make our communities better.

Lastly, our families speak volumes about our contributions in life.

Norwich has done well by us and we have done well by Norwich. Over the last 20 years, the Class of 1965 has donated well over $14 million in recognition of our appreciation for all Norwich gave, and continues to give, to us and to the next generation of leaders.

Thankfully 2020 is about to be history; but, we should look forward to being together again in 2021.

The plans for our 55th are still in place for September 23 - September 26, 2021.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and let’s look forward to our Reunion.

Wherever this message finds you this holiday season, take some time to reflect and celebrate our class, our accomplishments, and all the memories that bind us together.

Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season and onto 2021!

George Geiring
Class Agent Emeritus

Dave Anderson
Larry Bailey
Paul Mercer
Bill Quinn
Class Committee

P.S. Given the financial strain on Norwich due to COVID, legacy donations can be made through the Planned Giving website or contacting Megann O’Malley at (802) 485-2282.

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