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Norwich Mountain Cold Weather Raffle

The Norwich University Mountain Cold Weather Alumni Association (MCW) is offering a raffle to support the students of MCW. Take a chance to win our grand prize, a SIG Sauer Pistol customized by Mike Glover. Specs in include:

**Black DLC coated slide and barrel, 35o ported and back-bored barrel, milled for direct mount Holosun 509T, Holosun 509T-RD, blacked out suppressor height sights, SIG Sauer FCU with flat-faced trigger, recontoured beavertail for comfort and efficiency, bobbed and reduced backstrap for concealed carry, reprofiled front strap for optimal grip pressure.

Thank you for your support!

Raffle Details: The grand prize, a SIG Sauer Pistol customize for Mike Glover, former Green Beret and CEO of Field Craft Survival, will be raffled off on Saturday, December 3 at the first annual Mountain Cold Weather alumni dinner hosted at the Sheraton Boston Hotel. Click here to register, sponsor a Cadet meal, or learn more about the Dining In! 
$20 per ticket. Tickets can be purchased for each raffle item individually. Complete the form below to purchase.
**MCW Boards, ROMP Skis, and SIG Sauer M17 Raffles are completed

**GRAND PRIZE - Custom Pistol from Mike Glover & SIG Sauer - Donated by Mike Glover

**All Federal, State, and Local laws apply to redemption of either pistol. The winner of the firearm will to have the weapon transferred to a federally licensed firearms (FLF) dealer in the winner's state of residence. The winner can then go to that FLF dealer and pick up the firearm, as long as ownership of this firearm is legal in that state and the winner has completed the necessary paperwork and successful background check. All tickets sales are binding and will not be refunded due to unsuccessful background checks or state law.  Please verify legality of potential ownership prior to ticket purchase. **

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