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Mongolian Cultural Exchange

The Norwich Wrestling program is traveling to Mongolia to take part in a cultural exchange trip. The proposed dates of the tour will be June 17-27, 2019. The camp lasts 7 days and will be held at the Mongolian Olympic Training Center in Ulaanbaatar.

The cost per student-athlete is estimated at $2,500. The program plans to bring 12 wrestlers.

The team will train all week and then compete in an international tournament, which has been attended by the top cadet and junior boy and girl wrestlers of Mongolia. Teams have also come from Buratia in Russia, as well as teams from Inner Mongolia, which is in China. Each year there are between 300 and 400 participants. Norwich wrestlers will come before the tournament and camp before the competitions and training with local clubs in Ulaanbaatar and then will compete in the tournament. They will also have time to see some of the historical and cultural sites in Ulaanbaatar.

During practice, different techniques will shown and worked on, along with plenty of live wrestling. Once a day, the team will hold practice outside. The Mongolians love to play soccer, but in addition to that the team will play many other games with the locals. We have a program every evening at camp which includes games, some songs that Mongolians love to sing and tell a story.

Wrestling is the biggest sport in the Mongolian culture and this trip will offer an amazing experience for our student-athletes!

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