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Legacy of Learning - Women Kicking Glass: 

Unexpected Paths to Success
Panel Biographies

Tina Stevens '83, Chief Problem Solver, Secondary Solutions CEO Tina Stevens grew up at a time where women knew their place in business —and that was being at the top of their game in everything they did. With a military school education at Vermont’s prestigious Norwich University, Tina’s earliest influencers taught her the importance of “thinking differently” especially as it related to business processes and applications.   
Secondary Solutions has developed a stellar reputation as the company known for solving errors and failures in product design, assembly and delivery. Their roster of clients includes major appliance, healthcare, packaging, and industrial equipment manufacturers—along with first tier automotive companies like BMW and aerospace leaders like Boeing.

Annette L. Redmond '83, Deputy Assistant Secretary U.S. Department of State
Former Army Intelligence Officer, Defense Senior Leader, Technology Innovator, and People Integrator.  Known as a passionate patriot who lives to serve the nation and solve the thorniest issues.  Inspires others to be their best.
Annette is an adroit national security professional, senior leader, and manager with significant Defense and Intelligence Community experience as both a senior executive and career military officer.  She is equally skilled at managing large defense mission organizations and global technology efforts.  Known for building coalitions and leading complex efforts to achieve optimal outcomes in high-stake situations. Decisive. Creative. Collegial. Respected for integrity, good judgement, and diplomatic acumen.  Her motto is: Lead, Train, Win in all actions.  Annette serves as a mentor and role model.

Annette has served the nation for more than 3 decades in government as a soldier and government senior leader.  Early on she chose to be a leader by joining Norwich University’s Corp of Cadets in the infancy of women in the Corps.  Her quest to contribute to the defense of the nation, her intellectual drive and ability to build teams of winners has impacted every organization where she served.  In her spare time, Annette and her retired officer husband of more than 3 decades have raised and imparted this passion to their 3 children who are now dedicated servant leaders themselves in the military and law enforcement.