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Norwich is excited to give you access to our networking and mentoring tool...
the Norwich Network!

The Norwich Network is for all alumni and students. Here is how you’ll benefit from it:


      • Provide student and new graduate support, mentoring and networking as they launch their careers. Find alumni and students based on industry, region or interests
      • Find your classmates
      • Hire Norwich alumni, and locate alumni who are hiring
      • Join groups based on industry, region or affiliation 
      • Directory of alumni-owned businesses

Norwich alums networking


      • Network with alumni to get career advice in your intended field or find a mentor to guide you along your professional journey! 


To connect with others, the Norwich Networks offers discussion boards, integrated chat, audio & video calling, and much more!

Using the Norwich Network

When you join the Norwich Network the first thing you’ll do is build your profile, which can also be linked with your Facebook or LinkedIn account. During this step you’ll add to your profile:

      • Any degrees you’ve received outside of Norwich
      • Your interests, profession, as well as clubs and activities you participated in while at NU. This will help you get connected with alumni and students with similar interests.
      • Make sure you add a profile photo!

Then, start using the Norwich Network!

In the maroon strip at the top of the Norwich Network page (see directly below) is your Site Navigation. In the upper left you can see your notifications, messages, go to your profile, change your preferences, etc.

The Norwich Network - Site Navigation / Notifications, messages, profile / preferences updating

HOME: This is the screen you see above

NETWORK: This is where you can connect with alumni and students, and use filters to find people you want to connect with based on industries, interests, location and much more. This is where you can also connect with students and alumni who are seeking advice in a range of topics.

JOBS: Here is where you can post jobs that you’re hiring for or share a job opening that you know of. Or if you’re looking for alumni who are hiring, this is your place! There are two options to post:

Norwich Network - screenshot of Jobs view
      • The upper blue button “Share Opportunity” allows you to post directly to this job’s board
      • The lower blue button “Click here to post” lets you post on Norwich’s companion site Handshake, and will share the job with Norwich students, but also students at other colleges around the world.
      • If you’re looking for a job, the listings at the top are the ones posted directly to the Norwich Network by our alumni.

GROUPS: Here you can join groups based on industry, region or various affinity/social identities

DISCUSSION: Join the conversation! This discussion forum is open to everyone to grow and collaborate

RESOURCES: Here is where you'll find the alumni-owned Business Directory. Need more guidance? This is where you’ll also find tutorials on how to use the Norwich Network, including getting started in being a mentor or mentee, basic user tips, and to submit feedback on the Norwich Network so we can continuously improve.

Here is a helpful video for more support in getting started:


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