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Norwich University Buddy Check Day

Norwich University 18 19 Buddy Check Day "We've Got Your Back!"

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Buddy Check Day

The most fundamental responsibility of Norwich alumni is to look out for each other.

In January 2023 the NU Alumni Association launched a monthly Buddy Check program on the 18th-19th of every month.

It’s a simple request: call, text or email a classmate or friend for the camaraderie and to check on each other’s well-being.  A few minutes of your time can have a big impact so take a minute on the 18th or 19th of the month to check-in and catch up with people you care about. 

We’ll send you a monthly Buddy Check reminder by email, and text if we have your mobile number. Please complete the contact form to ensure we have accurate contact information for you.



Buddy Check Contact Form

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