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There are dozens of NU Clubs located all around the country -- and the world! Club events are open to all members of the NU Family- alumni, students, parents and friends of the University.  Scroll through the list below to find the group closest to you, and click on a club name to see more about your regional club.

NOTE: Contact your area's club officer to verify that a club's monthly social is still planned. Many clubs are in areas where social gatherings are restricted due to COVID-19.

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NU Club of Connecticut
Club Officer: Michael Wilhelm'98

NU Club of Maine
Club Officer: Eric Wohltjen '81

NU Club of Maryland
Club Officer: David Ortiz '98

NU Chapter of Boston
Club Officers: Trevor McMinn '14 and Brian Gibbons '99

NU Club of Central MA
Club Officer: Kevin Mercandante '77

NU Club of Cape Cod
Club Officer: Gerard Cogliano '78 
Monthly Club Luncheon - 3rd Thursday

NU Club of North Shore
Club Officer: Mark Cicoria '91

NU Club of Western MA
Club Officer: Lisa Totz '96

New Hampshire
NU Club of Northern/Sunapee
Club Officer: Doug Webb '80

NU Club of Porstmouth/Seacoast
Club Officer: Robert Bacon '71
Monthly Club Breakfast - 2nd Wednesday

NU Club of Southern New Hampshire

New Jersey
NU Club of Northern NJ
Club Officers: Andrew Wigg '88 and Michelle Raimondo-Danielson '88

New York
NU Club of New York City
Club Officer: Diedrich Holtkamp '08

NU Club of Capital District (Albany)
Club Officer: David Plank '74

NU Club of Central NY
Club Officers: Timothy Baker '90 and Bryan Radliff '90

NU Club of Western NY
Club Officer: John Hall '69

NU Club of Greater Philadelphia
Club Officer: Jeffrey Dick '94

NU Club of Pittsburgh
Club Officer: Robert Lindefjeld '86

NU Club of Rhode Island
Club Officer: Leif Bergey '90
Monthly luncheon - 3rd Tuesday

NU Club of Burlington
Club Officer: Briane Dunne '13

NU Club of Central VT
Club Officer: Daniel Alcorn '11

NU Club of the Upper Valley
Club Officers: Scott Brooks '88 and Stacey Doherty '15

NU Club of Washington, DC
Club Officer: Richard Prevost '76
Monthly Luncheon - 1st Wednesday


NU Club of Northern Alabama
Club Officer: Jeff Ogden '84

NU Club of Southern Alabama (Fort Rucker)
Club Officer: Sarah Caballero '06

NU Club of Brevard County
Club Officer:  Walter Bleiler '62
Monthly Luncheon - 3rd Saturday

NU Club of First Coast/ Golden Isles
Club Officer: Steve Canty '74
Monthly Luncheon - 2nd Thursday

NU Club of Punta Gorda
Club Officer: Dick Macy '63

NU Club of Tampa
Club Officers: Sara Oberdorf '01 and Kiley Johnston '99

NU Club of the Emerald Coast
Club Officer:  Gregory Valloch '83

NU Club of Atlanta
Club Officer: Douglas Isbecque '72

NU Club of New Orleans
Club Officer: William Kingman '80

North Carolina
NU Club of Raleigh
Club Officer: Samantha Wills '08

NU Club of Western North Carolina
Club Officer: Anthony Maida '77

NU Club of Fayetteville/ Fort Bragg
Club Officers: Christopher Sloan '86 and Stephen Mikolaitis '13

South Carolina
NU Club of the Low Country
Club Officer: John Kemp '68
Monthly Luncheon - 2nd Wednesday

NU Club of Nashville
Club Officer: Peter Nieman '94


NU Club of El Paso
Club Officer: Michael Amaral '86

NU Club of Houston
Club Officer: Tony Martin '83

NU Club of San Antonio
Club Officer: Derek Zamagni '92

NU Clubs of Virginia
NU Club of Tidewater/Hampton
Club Officer: Richard McNally '74

When you come to an NU Club event, you are guaranteed to meet old friends and make new ones!

Each of our Assistant Directors serves a specific region. See below the contact for your region of the US and beyond:

Rennee Charbonneau
Renee Charbonneau '18 
Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Iowa and Texas
802.485.2306 | Email Renee

Jessica Sicard
Jess Sicard 
Alabama, Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Oregon, Upstate New York, Vermont, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico and Washington
802.485.2034 | Email Jess

Jessica Sicard
Stephanie Snell
Connecticut, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Metro New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Washington, DC
802.485.2961 | Email Stephanie