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Interested in Volunteering with Norwich?

Welcome !

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Norwich. Here are the basic commitments for each of the volunteer groups we have within our departments.

Norwich Clubs - Around the Country
     - Assist with planning of events in your community
     - Attend quarterly Clubs conference call

NU Alumni Association
     - 3 meetings a year, on campus
               - Meetings are held in May/ June, September/ October and January/ February
     - Committee involvement, to include monthly conference calls
     - Support and attend Norwich events in your area
     - Stay engaged, Lead from the Front and Build the Future of Norwich
     - Enthusiastically promote Norwich within your community, and become an ambassador of the University

Class Giving
     - Become a Class Agent
     - Help plan reunions

NU Parent & Family Association
     - Assist with on-campus events
               - Arrival Days (for both Corps and Civilian students)
               - Open Houses
               - Parent & Family Weekend
     - Assist with events in your communities
               - Student Sendoffs
               - New Graduate Events
               - Networking Socials

Class2Class Program
The Leadership and Life Skills Office (LLO) is developing a mentoring and networking program that is tentatively scheduled to launch fall 2018! 
     - Bring your professional experiences to undergraduate students to support their personal and career develpment.
     - Draw upon your knowledge, skill set and professional experiences to provide guidance
     - Mentorship application required (this is in place of the form below)
     - Time and training commitments will be a part of the program
     - Want to get involved this year? Considering joining us in the spring for Coaching for Leadership & Careers!

Undergraduate Admissions Ambassadors
     - Attend College Fairs
     - Local High School visits
     - Contact Prospective Students

Maroon & Gold Athletic Association
Blue Line Club (Hockey)

Touchdown Club (Football)
Scrum Alums (Rugby)
Maroon Mat Club (Wrestling)
Golden Goal Club (Soccer)
     - Assist with alumni, family, and fan gatherings.
     - Engage with former teammates to keep them connected with today’s team.
     - Raise funds to provide today’s student-athletes the “margin of excellence”.

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