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Interested in Volunteering with Norwich?

Welcome !

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Norwich. Here are the basic commitments for each of the volunteer groups we have within our departments.

Are you interested in volunteering for one of our Bicentennial activities? Click here to learn more. 

Norwich Clubs - Around the Country
     - Assist with planning of events in your community
     - Attend quarterly Clubs conference call

NU Alumni Association
     - 3 meetings a year, on campus
               - Meetings are held in May/ June, September/ October and January/ February
     - Committee involvement, to include monthly conference calls
     - Support and attend Norwich events in your area
     - Stay engaged, Lead from the Front and Build the Future of Norwich
     - Enthusiastically promote Norwich within your community, and become an ambassador of the University

Undergraduate Admissions Ambassadors
     - Attend College Fairs
     - Local High School visits
     - Contact Prospective Students

Class Reunions and Class Giving
     - Become a Class Agent
     - Help plan reunions

NU Parent & Family Association
     - Assist with on-campus events
               - Arrival Days (for both Corps and Civilian students)
               - Open Houses
               - Parent & Family Weekend
     - Assist with events in your communities
               - Student Sendoffs
               - New Graduate Events
               - Networking Socials

Maroon & Gold Athletic Association
Blue Line Club (Hockey)

Touchdown Club (Football)
Scrum Alums (Rugby)
Maroon Mat Club (Wrestling)
Golden Goal Club (Soccer)
     - Assist with alumni, family, and fan gatherings.
     - Engage with former teammates to keep them connected with today’s team.
     - Raise funds to provide today’s student-athletes the “margin of excellence”.

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