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Thank you for choosing to reconnect with Norwich!

By using the Alumni Directories, you are able to search for classmates in order to stay connected. Please be sure to keep your information up to date with our office, so that others can find you! In order to search the directories, you must log in. Then select a directory on the right. Follow the instructions to search the database. 

Want to email an old classmate or someone that lives in your area?
Once you're logged in, visit any of the directories to the right; when searching for someone, an envelope in the right column will give you the ability to send them an email! 

How to Search the Directories
     - You must be logged in to use the directories.
     - Scroll to the bottom of the page, below the search criteria, to see the results.
     - If you choose to search the entire directory, click on Search without adding any other criteria.  Please note: You may not be able to see their entire directory, because there is a maximum number of returned records set to 500. To narrow your search, add additional criteria to the listed fields.
     - To narrow your results, enter data in the search fields, then click Search and scroll to the bottom of the page to view the results.
     - Entering only the first few letters of a name or word will result in a directory that contains the letters ONLY at the beginning of the name or word.
           - For example:  Bos = Boston, Boswick, Bossa Nova, etc.
     - Entering the percent sign (%) before text criteria will result in a directory that contains your text ANYWHERE in the field.
           - For example:  %Bos = Boston, North Boston, Arbosita, etc.
     - If your search criteria fails to provide a result, try broadening your search by searching just one field at a time.
     - For additional assistance, please contact us at 802.485.2100.