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NUAA Board of Director Application

Serving as a NUAA board member is an honor reserved for alumni who have demonstrated loyalty to the university and achievement in their personal and professional lives. With this honor comes an expectation of professional and thoughtful conduct at all times. Directors must never forget that they are a reflection of the university, the board members who supported their candidacies, and the alumni population as a whole. The NUAA board sets the example for others to follow.  By accepting appointment as a Director of the NUAA you agree to:

Stay Engaged
     - Attend and actively participate in all scheduled Board events. (Currently 3/year at Norwich)
          - Meetings are held in May/ June, September/ October and January/ February.
               - Spring Meetings coincide with Undergraduate Commencement or CGCS Residency, swapping each year
               - Fall Meetings coincide with Homecoming
     - Actively participate on an assigned NUAA committee, including monthly phone calls and required work between calls
     - Remain open-minded and make decisions in the best interest of Norwich and its alumni.
     - Agree to support the priorities as agreed to by the Board.
     - Be knowledgeable and remain updated on all aspects of Norwich University.
     - Support and attend Norwich events in your area.

Lead from the Front
     - Uphold the Norwich Guiding Values.
     - Seek out leadership roles in University and Alumni Association programs.
     - Inspire others to serve in leadership roles in support of Norwich.
     - Enthusiastically promote Norwich within your community.

Build the Future of Norwich
     - Give financially to Norwich.
     - Identify suitable potential students to attend Norwich.
     - Help Students & Alumni with their professional goals.

Safeguard the Reputation of Norwich
     - Maintain confidentiality with pertinent University information.
     - Adhere to Norwich policies regarding speaking with the press.
     - Exercise good judgment with any public communication regarding Norwich.

The NUAA Application Process
     - The NUAA Board has an election at every spring meeting (occurs between May and June) where new members are voted onto the board. In some instances, we may vote for new members at other meetings if we have an unforeseen opening.
     - You will be notified of results after an election.
     - We are very fortunate to receive numerous applications for the board. In addition to your qualifications, we also consider applicants to diversify the board by class year, corps, traditional, and CGCS alumni.
     - If you are not voted on during an election, we will keep your application for future consideration at the next election. It is not uncommon for an applicant to get voted on a few years after they have originally applied. If you are not voted onto the board after two years' time, you will need to reapply to keep being considered.

NUAA Application Timeline

Application Questions:
Because the questions are open ended the system may time out. Please be prepared with your answers. If you would like to send in your resume (in addition to this application), please send to the Alumni Office by email or by fax to 802.485.2156.

1. Briefly describe your Norwich experience (Sports, activities, clubs, Corps of Cadets, etc)
2. List Professional/Military career highlights/experience: (Attach resume if desired)
3. List Volunteer board highlights/experience:
4. Why are you interested in serving on the NU Alumni Association Board of Directors?
5. What interests/skills will you bring to the NUAA Board of Directors?
6. In what ways are you/have you been engaged with Norwich? (ie. Club activities, class agent, homecoming attendee, student sendoffs)
7. Complete this sentence: “My time on the NUAA Board will have been well spent if I was able to …… “
8. What does Norwich mean to you?
9. NUAA Board of Directors meet three times each year on the Norwich campus (at Homecoming, Commencement and mid-winter). Would you be able to commit to attending these meetings?
10. Additional Comments.