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Call for concepts:

Tribute to NU Faculty and Staff

In celebration of Norwich University’s 200th anniversary, the University will install a tribute to the members of the faculty and staff who have educated and influenced generations of Norwich students.

The tribute will be designed, installed and dedicated by August 2019 in keeping with our Bicentennial celebration at Homecoming 2019.

The deadline for submitting proposals has been extended through September, 2018: please send all proposals, and any questions you may have, to

Tribute Location RenderingCall for Concepts
A visual remembrance to honor all past, present and future faculty and staff of Norwich University, the tribute will be a permanent expression of gratitude and be built in the public space between White Chapel, Ainsworth Hall, Webb Hall, and the Harmon Wall. Proposals for conceptual designs are welcome from students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and friends of Norwich University through the end of September, 2018.

Design Guidelines
A seven-person volunteer panel comprising Norwich faculty and staff is seeking conceptual designs, not fully developed construction documents.

Individual name recognition of faculty and staff should not be a design component of the tribute. The tribute should be no larger than 10’x10’ and not positioned higher than the Harmon statue. The design must fit, but not necessarily match, the University setting. Durability and maintenance are vital considerations.

The design proposal may be submitted by Individuals or teams; teams may include any combination of Norwich students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni, or friends. By submitting a design, individuals and teams grant Norwich the right to advertise, publish, or print their designs for the purposes of furthering the project.

Submission Requirements
Please submit in formats suitable for website viewing by the public (e.g., PDF). Send submission materials directly to no later than Monday, October 1. Note: materials, colors, and relevant lighting conditions should be included wherever they can best be conveyed. All orthogonal drawings should be to-scale and include a clear graphic scale for ease of understanding online and on multiple media platforms.

  • Overall View(s): animations, 3D models, and/or multiple perspectives sufficient to convey all aspects of the proposal; these should not neglect how the monument would be perceived and experienced by passersby on the ground and/or from adjacent buildings.
  • Site Plan: clearly indicate all components of the design, including landscaping features or site improvements considered part of proposal.
  • Section(s): at least one section at sufficient scale and detail to indicate clearly the relationship between the monument and the surrounding landscape.
  • Details: as needed to convey the plausibility of the component parts of the proposal, especially significant features (e.g., plaques, interactive features, moving or illuminated parts).
  • Written description of the concept driving the proposal, explaining how the monument:
    • Expresses/embodies/conveys the contributions and value of Norwich faculty and staff
    • Relates to the traditions of Norwich, including those found in the buildings and ground
    • Promises to sustain its meaning and value over the next hundred years

Supporting Documentation

proposed site plan
layout plan baselines

layout detail plan

landscape - site wall details

 • July 13, 2018 - Announcement to community re: opening of second round of request for proposals 
 • August 20, 2018 - Feedback sent to first phase proposals 
 • September, 2018 - Architecture+Art student "charrette"
 • October, 2018 - Review of all proposals
 • November 30, 2018 - Announcement of winning proposal/ design
 • Spring/ Summer 2019 - Tribute Construction
 • August 2019 - Tribute Dedication