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Chris Fitzgerald  '18

I grew up in Boston and found out about Norwich while I was researching whether or not I was going to enlist in the USMC out of high school. I attended Norwich from 2003 to 2008 and studied Economics, but am original class of 2007.  During my time at Norwich, I was a member of the swim team (2 years) and the rugby team (1 year).  I also participated in MCW for 1 year.

I did not end up joining the military afterwards and began my career soon after.  I currently work at Bank of New York Mellon, in an Operational Accounting role.  My main role now is building strategies and tactical implementation of those strategies to support our institutional clients.

I now live in NW Georgia in Euharlee.  Very different to city life for sure, but I’m starting to find my tribe here now that I’ve lived here for 4 ½  years.  I have a 3 ½ year old son.  Free time is spent with my son exploring the mountains, brewing my own beer, photography, and now just getting into archery.  

Darcy Kamau M '07

I was born and raised in the Modesto, California and graduated from California State University, Stanislaus, with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology in 2003. After being hired by Tuolumne County Probation, I started to explore graduate schools. I wanted one with a quality accreditation, a brick-and-mortar campus with a longstanding reputation, and an online program. Norwich had a fairly new graduate degree program, which I applied for and was accepted in. I began classes in 2005 and graduated from Norwich University with a master’s degree in Justice Administration in 2007. 

Following graduation I relocated to Georgia in 2010. I was hired by Cobb County and for the past 9 years I have served in Cobb County’s DUI Court Program Coordinator position. In 2017, I graduated from the Management Development Program through the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia, and in 2021 graduated from the same institute under the Accountability Court Coordinator Certificate Program. In 2020 I was honored to be the Georgia Council of Accountability Court Judges (CACJ) STAR award winner for the Coordinator role and in 2022, I was honored to receive an award from the Cobb Bar Association. 

I live in Cherokee County with my husband, three beautiful stepdaughters (ages 19, 17, & 13), and our new dog, Thor. We have enjoyed kayaking on nearby lake Allatoona, avoiding teenage girls, and serving in our community or ministry when opportunities arise. 


Michael Buchieri  '75

I entered Norwich in the Fall of 1971, from Nuremberg American High School Germany.  Entering as a Military Brat, Rook Week was enjoyable.  I started my studies in Business, then at the start of my Sophomore Year switched to Education.  While at Norwich, I was with the Honor Infantry, Honor Engineers, Rifle Team, Mountain Cold Weather, and the radio station (WNUB).  I started with the Flying Club, but never finished.  Between my Junior and Senior year, I attended Airborne School and Ranger School.  Upon graduation, I enter the Army as an Infantry Officer.

After completing Infantry Officers Basic Course, my first assignment was at a Basic Combat Training Base and was a Company Commander, as a 1st Lieutenant.  After my first assignment, I went back to Fort Benning, for Infantry Officer Advanced Course followed by Army Flight School.  Yes, after not completing Norwich Flying Club, I obtained my Flight Wings in the Army, flying UH1s, OH58s, OH6s, and AH1s.  While at Flight School, I transferred from the Infantry Branch to Aviation Branch.  I went on to assignments Overseas (Europe) and States Side holding positions as Attack/Scout Pilot, Attack Company (Intelligence Officer), Battalion Staffs (Training Officer), Regimental (Modernization Officer), Aviation Group (Intelligence Officer), Army Aviation Center (Flight Simulations Project Officer), 3rd Army (Force Structure Manager), United States Forces Command (US FORSCOM) as the Aviation Force Structure Manager and worked Army Special Projects.  As a Major, I attended Army Air Assault School.  After 22 years of active service, I retired as a LTC (O-5) and went directly into the military contracting world.

As a contractor, my specialty was Army Force Structure and Modernization for the Office of Army Reserve, assigned to the US Army Reserve Command (Atlanta).  In support of the client, I attended many of the Army Level Force Management actions in support of the Program Objective Memorandum (Defense Budget).  I completed my contract work with Booz Allen and Hamilton after 12 years and became a Department of The Army Civilian (DAC) (GS13).

As a DAC, I was promoted to GS14 and held the position of Chief of Manpower for US FORSCOM.  This position was within Budget Process (G8).  As Chief of Manpower, I managed the Civilian Manpower across US FORSCOM, two to five years in the future, to align manpower needs with the budget.  After 10 years as a DAC, as my wife puts it, “It was time to stop playing Army and come home”.
Now, on my third RETIREMENT, I reside in the Atlanta area and enjoy linking up with friends. 
Yes, I still look to the sky when I hear a helicopter.

George Lyons  ‘65Grady Brain NU '13 & M'16

I served 12 years in the US Army - six years active duty and six in the National Guard between the 82nd Airborne Division and the 20th Special Forces Group Airborne as a Direct Enabler for Green Berets. I worked over five years as a contractor with the DoD, DoS, and CIA throughout the United States, Africa, and the Middle East. Managed Google Maps data collection program throughout the Southern United States and was with Equifax as a Director of Technology Implementation for Banking and Lending clients for over two years and nine months.

I'm currently with US Bank as a VP of Enterprise IT Strategy and Consulting.  

I completed my BS Strategic Studies And Defense Analysis from Norwich University and my MA International Trade and Diplomacy.  While at the graduation for my MA at Norwich I received word I was accepted into Cornell's EMBAs America program - a joint program between Cornell University and Queens University in Kingston Ontario. 

I live east of Atlanta with my wife and four kids.

George Lyons  ‘65Bruno Guillemette '75
I was raised in St. Johnsbury VT and I attended Norwich from 1971-1975. I tell people that I was the only ranking member of the Corps of Cadets to be paid since I was a Redcoat in the dining hall and attained the rank of Captain in the Corps of Cadets and got paid for working. 

Graduated in 1975 with a degree in Political Science and was commissioned into the US AirForce. Stationed at McConnel AFB for 2 years as a Missile Combat Crew Commander assigned to the Titian 2 ICBM System.

 Obtained a Masters's degree as a double major in Management and Human Relations in 1978 from Webster University in St. Louis.
 I spent 5 years teaching high school in Atlanta before entering the insurance business. Spent 8 years as a Regional Sales Manager for Transamerica Occidental Life before running my own agency for 8 years. 
I’m an RHU (Registered Health Underwriter) Went to work as a Regional Sales Manager for Unicare Life and Heath and helped them role out new products. 

Spent 7 years as Director of Medicare Sales for Aetna in the Southeast U.S and then 8 years in the same capacity for Cigna Medicare. Spent 8 years teaching catechism at St. Peter Chanel Church in Roswell in a volunteer capacity. 
I have 3 children: Son who is a PHD in Finance at Texas Tech Daughter that teaches 3rd grade Son that is a computer programmer and owns a dog training business. Currently reside in Roswell GA and rolling out a new company to deal with retirement income and cryptocurrencies.

George Lyons  ‘65Visvaldis Kimenis '63

Way back in August 1959 my mother said: "Son, here is two grand, find yourself a college."

So, I went to the Egleston Square Library in Jamaica Plain and looked up the seven private military colleges. I zeroed in on Norwich and asked my Latvian friend Jekabs Vittands NU '60 for advice.  He arranged an appointment with LTC Harper, the Director of Admissions and I was required to attend Summer School for Remedial Math and English.

As a Rook, I was the oldest cadet in class.  But, everybody was my friend because I could buy booze!  The drink of choice was Carling's Black Label brewed in Natick. I was a member of "Muscle Beach" (bottom floor of Goodyear with Cadre Corporals Ivo Larson and Timmy Donovan).

Academically I flunked math, not once but twice with Professor Race.  Then in my Junior year, Professor Buzzell passed me with a 33% average! After that ordeal, I was on "easy street" by taking all the Religion and Philosophy coursed from The Reverend Mister Herschel G. Miller and earned the coveted Dean's List Star.

As a "meatball" I enjoyed marching in the Regimental Drill Team and since I had sky-dived, I joined the Sports Parachute Club with Captain Albree. My life long hobby has been tape recording.  My classmate Marvin Rudenstein was a disk jockey at WSNO in Barre, Vermont.  While he was on the air on the "Rudy Marvin Show" I tape recorded the radio station's music library.

With other tape recording enthusiasts we had used a boom microphone to record a cadet barfing.  The puking sounds we recorded in a loop and on the stroke of midnight from the top floor of Patterson one very cold Winter evening with numerous amplified loudspeakers we let loose!  That sure woke up the upper parade ground!

I was commissioned in the Regular Army through the Distinguished Military Graduate Program and proudly served a quarter of a century in the profession of arms protecting our Constitution. 
I have served on four continents and been in 44 countries.

My first Active Duty assignment was in the proud "Brave Rifles" the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in Baumholder, Germany.  My Troop Commander was Captain Dick Edwards, NU '60 and my XO was my old roommate 1LT Bill Johnson.

After Armor I joined the "rout step" Quartermaster Corps. My first RVN tour was with the 266th Supply and Service Battalion in Long Binh.  Yes, there were numerous Norwich guys in-country.

After a few years as a logistician, I became a Foreign Area Officer and my first diplomatic post was to the Embassy of the United States of America in Lagos, Nigeria.  On my first duty day in the Defense Attache Office with a broom in my hands  I cleaned up the broken window glass shards that rioters had smashed during a demonstration.  Welcome to diplomacy!

The ultimate in my numerous assignments was the Director of Logistics at the Armed Forces Recreation Center in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. In retirement, I just could not stay out of uniform.  As a civilian contractor, I was in Bosnia with the Military Stabilization Program.

Years later, I was with the Iraq Survey Group in Qatar.  We had Sadam's intelligence files and we provided actionable intelligence to our troops.  I have seen gruesome atrocity tapes and Sadam's signature on assassination orders. We passed this info to the tribunal which finally hung him.  So, I feel good about myself.

In Atlanta, I worked at CDC and was the proponent for the Director's Taskings. I continue with my hobby by converting my old tapes from analog to digital and have over 56 gigs in iTunes. Norwich made my successful career and I always keep close to our graduates.

George Lyons  ‘65George Lyons  ‘65
I grew up in Falls Creek, PA, a small town in the west-central part of the state. I found out about Norwich from a small gas station owner there, who encouraged me to apply

when I graduated from high school. I did and was accepted, like everyone else that had two thousand dollars. This included tuition, room and board, and books. Freshman year I enrolled in mechanical engineering, but due to my habit of taking a shower and hitting the rack, I switched my major to business administration. I played intramural sports as most everyone else did. I was able to graduate with my class through the help of summer schools.
I was commissioned a 2nd LT. Armor and reported to Fort Knox on September 23, 1965, for Officer Basic. Two weeks before graduating, they picked fifty of us to go to open basic training centers and we got to pick a Fort. I chose Fort Gordon because two of my classmate at Fort Knox graduated from North Georgia and they told everyone that Georgia had the most beautiful girls in the world. My first assignment was as a training officer of a basic training company. I was later assigned to a committee group, where I taught the MP’s and the Advanced Infantry the 45 pistols. My last assignment was running the Close Combat Course.
After discharge, I went to work for Roadway Express on October 23, 1967, in Augusta Georgia, in their management training program. I was transferred from Augusta to Greenville, SC still in the training program. After Greenville, I started my journey to Asheville, NC,  White Pine TN Chattanooga, TN, Mobile, AL, Marietta, GA, Norcross, GA, Gainesville, GA, and Lawrenceville, GA.
While in White Pine TN, I met my wife Julia and we got married on May 1, 1971. My mother-in-law always said I saved Julia from being an old maid because her twenty-fifth birthday was May 9, 1971. We have two daughters Ann and Whitney and one grandson Caleb.
In December 1980 we bought our farm in Dawsonville, GA so I would have something to do when I retired. We raised chickens for Tyson Foods for thirty-seven years and in the late eighties, we added sheep to our farm as a 4-H project for our girls. We downsized to just sheep about four years ago. We now sell individual cuts of lamb from the farm and also at the Dawsonville Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

Chris Sperry '86Chris Sperry ‘86

Christopher Sperry is the Deputy Executive Leader for Gainwell Technologies Title XIX Contract for the State of Georgia.  He is directly responsible for 250 staff in operations, working on a multi-hundred-million-dollar multi-year contract with the Georgia Department of Community Health.  

He graduated from Norwich in 1986 with a degree in Political Science.  As a student, he was active in the corps of cadets and Army ROTC Program through his Sophomore Year.  In 1981 he enlisted his freshman year in the United States Marine Corps and went that summer to Parris Island Recruit Center.  
After Graduating from Norwich, Chris attended New England School of Law (now named New England Law, Boston) and Boston University Law School, receiving his Graduate Post Doctorate Degree in Taxation Law. In 1987 he transferred to Quantico VA to Officers Candidate School USMC.  In late 1993, he retired from Marine Corps Service after attending The Basic School (TBS) in Quantico Virgina and Naval Justice School in Newport Rhode Island.  He went into private practice in late 1993 in the Cambridge/Boston Area and continues to run a side practice of corporate law, taxation, and national 
corporate development. 

In 1996, the week after the summer Olympics,  Chris moved to Atlanta having worked in large firms such as Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams), MCI Telecommunications, BCD Travel, and Grant Thorton.  In 2001 he completed all the requirements as a Certified Public Accountant and remains dual-licensed as a CPA and Attorney At Law
in the State of Georgia. In 2008, he was recruited into EDS as a manager of finance for Georgia Medicaid Title XIX Operations.  In 2016 was promoted to National Capability Leader for Finance where he managed 8 major Medicaid accounts in Nevada, Vermont, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Arkansas.  He was promoted in May 2021 to his current position.  

Chris continues to maintain a very active lifestyle, living in Duluth Georgia and serves on the board of directors of several nonprofit organizations.  Additionally, he finds time to climb Stone Mountain twice a week rain or shine.

Tom Leckwold M'08
Tom Leckwold M’08

Thomas “Tom” Leckwold graduated with a Master’s of Military History in the class of 2008 from Norwich University.  He attained his undergraduate at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia with a B.B.A. in Economics and Quantitative Analysis and graduated with honors and was awarded University Scholar in 1998.

Prior to college, Tom enlisted in the U.S. Army and served in the Military Intelligence Corps from 1985 - 1992.  Since graduating college, he has held several large corporate jobs and currently works at The Home Depot Store Support Center in Atlanta Georgia for the past 15 years with a current role in Supply Chain Finance.  

Tom believes attending Norwich University was a great experience with a dedicated, incredibly credentialed, and experienced faculty and being part of a cohort of experienced military officers, educators and corporate professionals to give a wide variety of experience and points of view.  He knows the MMH degree has provided an education that can enhance a business career by providing organization and operational thought of complex processes and enterprises.  

Tom resides in North Georgia and has three adult children.  

Jonathan Edwards ‘19
Jonathan Edwards ‘19
Jonathan Edwards time spent at Norwich University was from 2015 to 2019, in that time he was a member of the NROTC Battalion, Corps of Cadets all 4 years, and majoring in Computer Security & Information Assurances. My most memorable moments in school were studying abroad in Berlin, Germany one summer, Junior Ring weekend, and various trips to Montreal. Upon graduating with honors, Cum Laude, and being an honored member of the bicentennial class, I decided to work in the civilian side of cybersecurity taking the lessons, values, and experiences from NU with me. 

Shortly after graduating, I began working at a company called Right Networks in Georgia. The company assists in cloud hosting for Intuit Quickbooks and from there I earned a promotion in February of 2020 to become a Subject Matter Expert in my field. In the time since graduating and what only was a short few months, I was able to go out and begin living on my own, first with obtaining my own car, getting the keys to my first apartment, and having a steady job to work in. However, having to adjust to world events I began working from home for the past year and in that time, I decided I wanted to do more than what I was going about the day today. I still had a desire to serve in some way and came to the decision to enlist in the Air National Guard, I swore in in September of 2021 and am currently waiting for my orders to go to basic training in Texas. I was fortunate enough to obtain a cyber-related job and I am excited to see what the next chapter in my life will bring.

Steve Egan ‘70
Steve Egan ‘70
Steve Egan graduated from Norwich in 1970 with a degree in History and Government.  While at Norwich he dated then married a Green Mountain girl (Lynn), played soccer, and served on the Honor Committee.  

Granted a deferment, he went to graduate school then moved to Atlanta where all the slots in his branch were filled.  So, he went to work for Fulton County, started a family, and played competitive amateur soccer.  In 1981 (when Child #2 was born) he joined KPMG as a management consultant in the Government Service practice.  Two more kids came along and he kept serving as a management consultant, primarily to local government, coaching boys and girls sports teams, and playing competitive soccer, as well as coaching Over 30, 40, 50, and 60 men's soccer teams (the textbook definition of "Herding Cats").  

In the 1990s he started volunteering at Norwich, first helping to create the Golden Goals Soccer Booster Club then serving on the Board of Fellows and the Class of 1970 Gift Committee.  Today, he enjoys grandkids in Cobb County and Savannah, serves in several volunteer roles at church, consults part-time, and plays soccer now and then with the Over 65 guys.

Glencora de Ruiter Glencora De Ruiter '13
Glencora De Ruiter graduated from the MDY program at Norwich in 2013. She currently works in Operations at Hire Heroes USA helping to manage the systems and processes used to support teams and clients. Hire Heroes USA provides full-service job search assistance for transitioning military members, veterans, and military spouses. It is an important mission and one she is passionate about as she is not only supporting those who have served but friends, classmates, and colleagues of her sister, two brothers, and father who all served in the Army. Prior to joining Hire Heroes USA, she lived and worked in the Netherlands in rotary and static equipment in oil and gas as a technical project manager. 

William Rubiano
William Rubiano '98
NU 1994-1998 major in International Relations and minor in Spanish
Corps of cadets, Artillery (Norwich Independence Battery), Army ROTC
Served in Army for 10 years including reserve infantry and armor units.
 I hold an FAA Aircraft Dispatcher License
I’ve worked in aviation for 20 years, holding positions as Assistant Station Manager,  Aircraft Dispatcher, Aircraft Dispatcher Instructor, Duty Manager of the OCC (Operations Control Center), Director of the OCC (Operations Control Center)
Current Job:
Delta Air Lines: I obtain all overflight permits through different countries worldwide, build and construct all worldwide international routes we operate, I also maintain relations between Delta Air Lines and different civil aviation agencies worldwide, US military Airlift command, and defense attaché at US embassies worldwide.   
Have taken training courses EuroControl courses, as well aviation ETOPS, Polar operations, and Crew Resource Management training.
Aviation carrier locations: Miami, FL, Orlando, FL, Rockford, IL And Atlanta, GA
Previously Job:
SITA, World Airways, North American Airlines, Ryan International Airlines
Martinair, Centurion Air Cargo, Cielos del Peru, Air France, Arrow Air Cargo
American Trans Air, Avianca Airlines, Grupo TACA, Virgin Atlantic Airways
With 3 kids (Ashley 17 years old, Matthew 11 years old, and William 6 years old)
 free time is spent with family and I also enjoy coaching soccer, currently in Peachtree City.
 I hold several US Soccer coaching licenses and am able to coach ages 3-19 years

James BannisterJames Bannister '68 AKA Jim

Jim has attended all but four NU Homecomings since he graduated. He has carried his class banner for the Alumni Parade all of the years he attended. While at NU he was a “zoobie” and presented his saber to the Band Commander before that became fashionable with homecoming fanfare. He was among what was thought to be the first Friends of the Library as a student and has since become a Life Member and continues to support their efforts. He is also a member of the Sullivan Museum and History Center and belongs to both the Partridge Society and the 1819 Circle.

His military career spanned 25 years including both active and reserve duty. He retired in 1994 as LTC. His major medals included the Bronze Star, Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, Air Medal, Meritorious Service Ribbon, and Vietnam Ribbons.

Shortly after he returned from Vietnam, he had a blind date with this Girl Scout Professional named Kathy. The two uniformed folks fell so madly enough in love that they married only 6 months later. Not much later they had their daughter, Dawn, a little 2-pound premature baby who became an all-star soccer player at many levels.

His civilian career began after he was a victim of the Reduction in Force as the Vietnam War ended. He was an equipment buyer for Citicorp in NYC, a TAC Officer at Valley Forge Military Academy, a Loan Officer for Fort Monmouth Federal Credit Union and a head hunter over the next 7 years. Kathy had a job that wanted her to get an accounting degree, so she started her MBA in Accounting. Not to be outdone and relying on the GI Bill to pay for it, Jim started his. Upon Completion of his MBA at Monmouth University in 1980, he entered Civil Service working for the Dept of Army in Procurement where he worked for 5 years. He left after he made his tenure to do what Kathy calls, the job a year club for the next 5 years…..This time sitting on the opposite side of the negotiating table working for Martin Marietta twice, Planning Research Corp, Atlantic Research Corp and Microdyne. He then completed his 20 years of Civil Service working for a few years, with classmate Mike Mattice as his boss, at Immigration and Naturalization Service and Fort Monmouth in those procurement offices before retiring the day after his 60th birthday, 2005. While at Fort Monmouth, he received the Achievement Medal for Civil Service. 

Along the way, Jim was a youth soccer coach for daughter Dawn’s team. The Zoo was an influencing factor to her as well, as she followed him in playing the trumpet. He was an active Girl Scout Dad, while his wife was the leader, helped with Vacation Bible School, a Jaycee, and has been a Kiwanian for 15 years, including 2 terms as president and attending numerous Kiwanis International Conventions as a delegate. He is also an oil painting artist, mainly in abstracts and nature. They have been shown in many shows, museums, and libraries over the years and some hang in Civic and Government buildings. Private patrons live in approximately 8 states.

He will be celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary on the 23 of October 2021.

Shannon CaudillShannon Caudill '91
I’m a retired Air Force Colonel, a doctoral candidate in the University of Charleston’s Executive Leadership Program, and an instructor on leadership and the practice of command in the Air Force’s Air Command and Staff College graduate and undergraduate-level programs. He is best known as the editor and co-author of the Defending Air Bases in an Age of Insurgency trilogy published by the Air Force's Air University Press; Volume 1 (2014), Volume 2 (2019), Volume 3 (2021). The monograph series explores the history, threats, and countermeasures used in leading the ground defense of airbases. Additionally, he is passionate about baseball and co-wrote the history book Baseball in Kennesaw, which was released by Arcadia Publishing in November 2020. This book details the local Kennesaw, Georgia, baseball history dating back to the late 1800s and provides the local origins of major league baseball players like Dansby Swanson, Adam Everett, Jim Nash, Tyler Stephenson, and many others.

Shannon served in the Air Force for 25 years, primarily in the security forces career field (military police), where he worked at the unit, major command, and Joint Staff levels; commanded three security forces squadrons (one in combat); served in four overseas assignments; and accumulated 18 months of combat experience in Iraq.  Shannon has written numerous articles and white papers on terrorism, interagency leadership, base defense, and law enforcement, which have been published in peer-reviewed journals like Air and Space Power Journal, Joint Force Quarterly, American Diplomacy, and The Guardian—the Joint Staff’s antiterrorism publication, which are detailed below.  In 2020, he founded the online baseball book sales business Baseball in Georgia (, which focuses on the publication and sale of books specific to Georgia baseball history.  He is currently developing and collecting materials for upcoming baseball history books entitled Baseball in Georgia, Baseball in Northern Georgia, and Baseball in Marietta.

I currently live in Powder Springs, Georgia, with my wife Corinna, and boys, Thomas (14) and Nicholas (11).  At Norwich, I was the Air Force ROTC Cadet Wing Commander, Program Director and DJ for the Norwich radio station (WNUB), a business manager and writer for the Norwich newspaper (the Guidon), and Rook 5 (drill instructor) for Delta Company.

Jim Kiritsy '09
Jim Kiritsy is Kennesaw State's director of strength & conditioning for football. He was hired by head coach Brian Bohannon on March 31, 2014. In this role, Kiritsy is responsible for developing a comprehensive player development program designed to achieve three primary goals: injury prevention, athletic performance enhancement, and mental discipline development.

Prior to arriving at Kennesaw State, Kiritsy served three seasons as associate director for strength and conditioning at The Citadel where his responsibilities included coordinating all aspects of the Bulldogs' men’s basketball and wrestling training programs.
He also was the top assistant in the development of football and oversaw the maintenance and upkeep of the facility, including equipment purchases, while managing and developing graduate assistants, interns, and student managers.

While at The Citadel, Kiritsy trained three All-American wrestlers in Odie Delaney (2013), Ugi Khishignyam (2013), and Turtogokh Lusandori (2014), and two football All-Americans in Mike Sellers (2012) and Darien Robinson (2013).

Kiritsy joined The Citadel in June 2011 after spending two seasons at Vermont as the assistant strength and conditioning coach. While with the Catamounts, he worked directly with the men’s basketball, men’s and women’s ice hockey, men’s and women’s lacrosse, and the men’s and women’s soccer programs.

A 2009 graduate of Norwich University, Kiritsy received a bachelor’s of science degree in physical education with a concentration in coaching. While there he served as a part-time student assistant strength & conditioning coach. He also was a four-year (2005-08) letter winner in football, serving as co-captain as a senior, and played baseball for three seasons (2006-08). He served as co-captain as a junior and missed his senior year due to an injury.

Kiritsy is a graduate of the Corp of Cadets from Norwich and served as a member of the Corps Honor Committee in 2008-09. He holds certifications in CPR and AED (automated external defibrillator) from the American Red Cross and is Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified (SCCC) through the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association.

A native of Northbridge, Mass., Kiritsy attended Northbridge High School. He and his wife Bryana were married in July 2017 and welcomed their first child, Adeline, in March of 2020.

Brent Cummings '91
Brent Cummings is a native of Starkville, Mississippi, although he was raised just outside New York City in New Jersey. He was commissioned in the Infantry in 1991 and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont, and a Master of Science in Education from Troy State University. His military education includes the Infantry Officer Basic Course, Infantry Officer Advanced Course, Combined Arms, and Services Staff School, the Command and General Staff College, and the U.S. Army War College as a Fellow at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University.

Brent joined the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange as its Associate Director after his retirement from the US Army as a Colonel serving for 28 years. Throughout his career, he served in numerous leadership positions and culminated his career working with the Department of State as the Training Director for the US Security Coordinators Office for Israel and Palestine. In this position, he led a seven-nation team of officers who trained the Palestinian Authority Security Forces with full Israeli government consent.

Brent has numerous awards and decorations from his service in the Army and combat, but his greatest reward is his family. He and his wife, Laura, have been married for over 25 years and they have two daughters who make them both very proud. The Cummings home is active with a beagle and a goofy but very loveable black labrador retriever who work as a team against the cat!

Bob Shanahan '63
Bob Shanahan received his B.S. degree from Norwich University ('63) and an MBA degree from Western New England University ('72). He is a past adjunct professor at Shorter College in Atlanta, has held the rank of Captain after active and reserve duty in the U.S. Army. Bob has been an active participant in the Atlanta Norwich Alumni Club since 1984 and is a Partridge Society Lifetime Member, 1819 Member, and a Garrison Associated Founder.

Bob is a member of the Board of Directors of The Place of Forsyth County (a.k.a. 'The Place') [a 501(c)(3) charity] for the past 6 years and is currently serving as Past Chair of the Board. He has been a volunteer (with Linda, his late wife of 55 years) at The Place for over 14 years. Bob moved to Georgia 38 years ago, currently resides in South Forsyth County, has two adult children, a 12-year old granddaughter, and is active in other local and church (past Congregational President for 9 yrs.) organizations.

Bob is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (over 20 years) of the Human Resource Management Group, LLC (HRMGSM), and has over 30 years of prior experience with Exxon Company, U.S.A., and the Plantation Pipe Line Company, an Exxon affiliate.

Bob is a past Registered Georgia Neutral (Mediator) and has extensive training in continuous improvement and group leadership. He has held leadership positions in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), is certified as a Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR), and has held leadership positions in the National Liquid Pipeline Roundtable. He is also the past Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for the Lutheran Services of Georgia, [a 501(c)(3) charity].

If not at The Place, Bob can be found in the North Georgia mountains on his motorcycle (Yamaha FJR 1300 cc).

Bob credits much of his positive life endeavors to his Norwich experience. He looks forward to seeing you at the next Atlanta NU function! If he can assist you in any way, please feel free to contact him:; 404-840-8002; 1405 Squire Lane, Cumming, GA 30041

Wayne Bartecki '68
I graduated from Norwich with a degree in Engineering Management. I started my first job with WorthingtonCorp in Irvington NJ. Worthington was a major manufacture of rotating equipment; pumps, compressors, and turbines. It turns out I would later spend the result of my career in these industries with several evolutions of mergers and acquisitions into what is now Flowserve, the largest pump supplier in the world.

I worked for 9 mos after graduation before starting my military service in the Corp of Engineers in 1969. I was married to my wife Claire in April, who I meet my senior year and we both went to Ft Belvoir Va together for Basic Officer training 2 wks later. I had an interesting experience, as this was the high point in the Vietnam war, my initial commitment was 2 years of active duty. At this point, the Army needed more senior officers on duty so they offered us what was know as Volunteer Indefinite program. It offered a min 3 yr commitment after which you could ask to be discharged but not guaranteed. In return, you were given your first choice of duty assignment anywhere in the world. After 18 months you would be reassigned. As I already had my orders for pre-Vietnam training at Fort Carson, it seemed like a good choice. We asked for an assignment in Germany and off we went to Stuttgart in August. As it turns out, as my 18 months cycle was coming due in 1971 the war was winding down and I spent my remaining 18 months in Germany. Our oldest daughter Jennifer was born there in the 7th Army hospital. After discharge, I later spent 3 more years in the active-duty reserves.

When we got back to the world, as it was called back then, from an overseas assignment, I went back to Worthington and was transferred to Pittsburgh as a sales engineer. Our second daughter Suzanne was born there. We became long-time Steeler fans. As my career evolved, I had several assignments in sales and marketing which took us to several new cities; Harrison NJ, Taneytown MD, Houston TX, Chicago IL, and finally Senoia/Peachtree City Ga. We've been here for 14 years which is the longest we have lived anywhere.

Claire worked for 23 yrs in 3 states at Stein Mart, a regional retailer. We have now 4 grandkids. The oldest is finishing college this year, the youngest is in high school. They all live near Hanover Pa where we lived during their high school years and where they meet their husbands. We visit them twice a year and will probably move back as we get closer to them before going to the home.

We've met many friends along the way and still keep in touch with many of them. We enjoy retirement. I play golf with some guys in the neighborhood and we usually take a cruise or foreign trip once a year.