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Class of 1964 Roll Call

Robert AyersRobert Ayers
April 12, 2023 

This is Robert Ayers, NU 1964, and I am alive and well (for the most part). I am a retired high school teacher living with the wife I married in 1964, and we have three children and seven grandchildren. We live in North Hero, Vermont, on the lake, and life is good. Best wishes to all!

BadgerTerry Badger
April 12, 2023 


William BarlowBill Barlow
April 13, 2023 

Bill & Mary (UVM) Barlow still "present" and well, in North Carolina.
My best to my old roomie Earl Evans and to our other surviving classmates from 1964.
Speaking of come those brother-vets look so old...and when I look in the mirror, I see my Dad?

Bruce BoldtBruce Boldt
April 20, 2023 

Bruce Boldt - Present
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Mike BranleyMike Branley
April 12, 2023 

Thanks for keeping up the tradition Earl. Always great seeing how everyone is doing. Other than a few medical issues — non life-threatening — I'm still all present and accounted for. At this stage of our lives, I think we are all keeping the medical and pharmaceutical industries in business. Stay well everyone and keep this tradition going.
Mike Branley 

Wayne BrockWayne Brock
April 12, 2023 


Robert W. Campbell

Robert Campbell
April 16, 2023 

Present. Alive and well living with my wife Belinda in Folsom, CA. Finally decided to retire and closed my appraisal business during Covid. Hard to believe it's been 59 years since we graduated, a lot sure has happened since then. Hope to get back next year for our 60th. Anyone coming out this way give a shout. 


Michael G. Capone '64

Mike Capone
May 3, 2023 



Steve Cerjan

Steve Cerjan
April 12, 2023 

Thank you for this.
Cerjan is present.


Richard CorsettiRichard Corsetti
April 15, 2023 

Present. Living in Newburyport and wintering in Florida.
Dick Corsetti 
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Donald Day, Jr.Donald Day, Jr.
April 20, 2023 

Thank you, Earl; you're the man!

Yes, by the grace of God, I can report that I am still present. I'm also willing and able to share a memory which must certainly be categorized as a most embarrassing moment. Heaven knows I have had too many to count, much less remember, but this one sticks.
Senior year. George Turner's English Lit class. An intimate, tightly packed classroom with yours truly planted directly in front of Turner's desk. I mean "directly" as in, if we both leaned forward, we could have shared the same beer. Suddenly, he began yelling at me, "I don't care who you are if you ever do that again...". His face, red with anger, was, I'm sure, outdone by my own, flushed with embarrassment.
But, as quickly as his fuse was lit, it was extinguished, and discussion of Tolstoy went on as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. 
In the hallway after class a buddy asked me what I had I done to deserve such a tongue-lashing. I confessed that I had no clue, but later in the day it came to me: I had yawned.
So, was George Turner being petty to behave in such a way over a mere yawn? Well, not really. You see, as I replayed the scene in my head I realized that it wasn't just an ordinary type of yawn, you know, the kind you discreetly hide behind your hand, but rather, one unrestrained humongous gasp for air. Apparently thinking that a yawn like that had to be intentional, he took it personally, as a not-so-subtle signal that I found his class boring.
Boring? Not at all, George, not at all.

Doug DeRuisseauDoug DeRuisseau
April 23, 2023 

I am present and accounted for.
Doug DeRuisseau
Class of ’64

William DragonWilliam Dragon
April 12, 2023 

Present and moving to Boulder Colorado area with my wife Suzanne.
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Bill Dragon

Joe EgolfJoe Egolf
April 12, 2023

Present - Sir. I played Freshman basketball with Jimmy Call, Great Guy. Partied with Nick Chandler and Pendl Bauer a few times. Planning on being at the 60th Reunion, GOD willing

H. Earl Evans, IIIH. Earl Evans, III
April 16, 2023 

Present and accounted for. All is well in the country’s oldest city, St Augustine, FL. Nancy retired a couple years ago after 53 years service as a Delta flight attendant. I have been unemployed since 2013 and enjoying the hell out of it! Looking forward to seeing you all next year.

John T. FisherJohn Fisher
April 15, 2023 

John Fisher 
Thanks for keeping this tradition going!!!
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Chuck GlazermanChuck Glazerman
April 12, 2023

Chuck Glazerman-Present with all parts accounted for. Still holding down the Southwest Ohio (Cincinnati) Norwich representation. Honors to all we’ve lost from post-graduation to present. 
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Richard GrayRichard Gray
April 13, 2023 
Rick Gray is still “PRESENT”

Robert HalleckRobert Halleck
April 12, 2023 

Bob Halleck ’64

Jay KoltenJay Kotlen
April 12, 2023 

Jay Kotlen-Present
 I am still working for Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate in Trumbull, CT- With the real estate market having slowed down, I have decided to not sit around and do nothing, so I just took a job as a golf ranger/starter at our local golf course. Grandkids and both daughters and wife are all doing well. Two of our grandkids are in middle school and high school - Our oldest grandson graduated NYU Tisch School for the Arts and has been working for Nickelodeon since graduating; his sister is graduating this May from Barnard/Columbia and their younger brother is a freshman at Trinity College in Dublin (2 years at Trinity then junior and senior years at Columbia for dual B.A. degrees.)
Hope all of our remaining '64 classmates are doing well. Stay in touch - EMail -

Michael KrauseMichael Krause
April 26, 2023 

We split our time between Washington, DC and Northfield, VT.
Mostly our Homestead on 1697 Winch Hill Road, Northfield, VT 05663.
Come see us!
I continue to do consulting. I do write a column on the Ukraine situation every week for the Northfield News and an international audience in Germany, UK, and Turkey.
Look forward to our 60’s celebration.

Willie LeipertWillie Leipert
April 12, 2023 

William Leipert, Present.

Ronald LewosRon Lewos
April 12, 2023 

Ronald W. Lewos 
904-571-6758 (cell)

John LordJohn Lord
April 12, 2023

John Lord is “Present” and residing on Cape Cod.

Richard	LovisoneRichard Lovisone
April 12, 2023

I am present and living in Melbourne, Fl and doing well.
I know of no additions to the list those classmates that have passed.

Joseph LuzziJoe Luzzi
April 28, 2023 


Bob MackBob Mack
April 13, 2023

Hi Earl,
Hope you doing well. That was a nice letter you wrote. 
Bob Mack 64

Richard	MansonRichard Manson
April 13, 2023 

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Bob McAllisterBob McAllister
April 25, 2023

I continue to spend the winter months (with my fiance Holly) in Sarasota, Florida, and my summer months in North Grafton, Mass. I stay in touch with John Manchester and Marshall Ferris, Joe Egolf and Steve Cerjan, and Buzzy Nichols. I see Larry Marsh now and then, and I have reconnected with my freshman roommate Gerry Witt. I look forward to seeing everyone at our 60th reunion.
Bob McAllister

Colin McArthurColin (Mac) McArthur
April 12, 2023 

RIP Nick Chandler. If I remember correctly we raised a little hell playing a piano in a dorm late one evening at Green Mountain (aka “The Groin”).  We miss you all. 

Curt MichaelCurt Michael
April 12, 2023  

Curt Michael

Tom MonetaTom Moneta
April 13, 2023

Present class of 1964.

Richard	MoodyRichard Moody
April 25, 2023 

Alive and kicking but slower — but still trying! I remember the earthquake — was in class on top floor and it sounded like they were moving a dozen pianos on the roof — I think it was a Chemistry class.
Hi to all. Dick Moody

"blank" headshot - no War Whoop photoBruce Moskos
May 1, 2023

Got your email all is good Bruce Moskos.

William O'BrienWilliam O’Brien
April 21, 2023 

I hope that you will be able to add my "Present"  along with a note to encourage Classmates to share their perspectives, comments and suggestions for an appropriate commemoration and tribute in conjunction with our 60th Reunion in 2024.
O'B '64

Walt PheeneyWalt Pheeney
April 26, 2023

Earl:  Kudos for leading this effort on behalf of our class (NU’64).
Walt Pheeney is present. Enjoying life in Michigan with wife Phyllis of 58 years, son Mark (NU ’92), wife, 3 grandchildren and daughter & husband in AZ. Still active in traveling, local social groups, and sports (albeit shorter races against slower older folk like me).  
Best Walt (734-678-7500)

George PhilleyGeorge Philley
April 17, 2023

Present SIR! 
I'm still making our bed each morning. Having lived in our same Melrose, MA house for 52 years, Lorna and I are (belatedly) trying to downsize! I enjoy playing Senior League golf at local Bellevue Golf Club. I followed Cadet hockey (MHKY & WHKY) games this past season. The NU Athletics website is outstanding and promotes all sports. Watching makes me feel young again!
Best regards,

Doug PooleDoug Poole
April 12, 2023 

I’m present, so far.
Doug Poole

Lawrence Root USAF 1964-70 0-3Lawrence Root
April 12, 2023 

I’m still looking down at the grass.
Lawrence Root
USAF 1964-70 0-3

Bob RossellBob Rossell
April 12, 2023

Bob Rossell is PRESENT and now lives in Lakewood, Colorado.

Will StoddardWillis Stoddard
April 12, 2021 

One of my favorite memories was when Ron Brackett and I spent the night in the White River Junction jail. It was after Christmas (62, 63?) and we were headed back to Norwich when it started to snow. By the time we got to White River Junction, the snow was so heavy we decided to stop at the police station to see how bad the roads were ahead. Unfortunately, we could go no further so the police let us bunk in the jail for the night.  
Our route from the Boston area was north on Route 3 at Arlington, pickup Route 4 outside of Concord, then 4a into White River Junction, back to Route 4, and finally at Woodstock, Route 12 into Norwich. When I return for our 60th, I am planning to take that route one last time.
Will Stoddard ’64

John WhitcombJohn Whitcomb
April 12, 2023 

John Whitcomb enjoys life with golf, grandkids, a glass of bourbon and a good cigar. Thanks, fellas, for this project.
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Jack WingerterJack Wingerter
April 25, 2023 

Jack Wingerter PRESENT Best to all