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Skull and Swords 2021-2022 Scholarship Recipients

Originally formed in 1921, Skull and Swords, through its generous alumni, remains dedicated towards supporting the traditions and ideals of Norwich University. While no longer active on campus, alumni members carry out this legacy through scholarships to develop the next generation of our nation’s leaders either in the military or in our communities.

In celebration of its 100th Anniversary, Skull and Swords awarded scholarships to eight outstanding senior cadets:

Anthony Kilgallon
Anthony Kilgallon ’22  

Cadet Anthony Kilgallon is from Windham, Maine. He has an impressive 3.5 GPA and was a member of the Mountain Cold Weather Company during his freshman and sophomore year, earning his Blackhat. Anthony also interned with American Contracting and Environmental Services Inc. (ACE) out of Columbia, Maryland.

Anthony enjoys hiking, skiing, CrossFit, fishing and most outdoor activities. He plans to earn a commission into the Maine National Guard in the Corps of Engineers and also pursue a career in Construction Management. 

“Being a Norwich Cadet means to me that I chose to take a more challenging route through college. It has taught me invaluable time management and leadership skills. These skills have made me be a better leader and will benefit me in my Army and civilian careers.” 

Nick Kilgallon
Nick Kilgallon ’22  

Cadet Nick Kilgallon, Anthony’s brother, is also from Windham, Maine. He is an Army ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate.

Nick enjoys skiing, hiking, riding motorcycles and fishing. Like his brother, he plans a dual track career in the Maine National Guard and a career in construction.

Being a Norwich cadet means to me, "upholding a high standard and tradition. It keeps me on a path to success and will set me above my peers when I go into the workforce.” 

Sarah Carls
Sarah Carls ’22  

Cadet Sarah Carls is from Niagara Falls, New York. She was a GNAC Diving Champion in 2019 and 2020 and is Captain of the Norwich Swim and Dive team. She is also Deputy Squadron 1 Commander for Air Force ROTC, the S-3 Training AOIC in the Corps of Cadets and maintains a cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Sarah also enjoys kayaking and hiking. She is looking forward to becoming an Air Force Officer and Developmental Engineer.

What being a Norwich cadet means to me: “Gaining experiences to develop as a leader and a citizen soldier and pushing my limits to accomplish things I could never imagine. I’m thankful for the opportunity to attend Norwich.” 

Evan Smith 
Evan Smith ’22   

Cadet Evan Smith is from Amsterdam, New York. He proudly served in the same platoon for three years, as a Recruit and Private, an Assistant Squad Leader, and the Platoon Leader. He has also achieved Dean's List honors every semester. 

Evan enjoys spending time with friends and families, fishing, playing sports recreationally and enjoying the outdoors. His future plans include a commission in the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant, with hopes towards branching into Army Aviation to pursue his dream of flying and serving the nation.

When asked about what being a cadet means, Evan notes “being a Norwich Cadet means holding yourself to a higher standard in all aspects of life. I believe that a Norwich Cadet should use this great institution to gain and sharpen leadership skills, regardless of their position or assigned duties and responsibilities. Living by our guiding values and Cadet's Creed is our obligation during and after our time on the Hill.” 

Jake Zawadzki
  Jake Zawadzki ’22

Cadet Jake Zawadzki is from Dracut, Massachusetts. He’s held leadership positions in Delta Company including Platoon Sergeant and Executive Officer. He has earned Cadet Training Company Platoon of the Year, leadership excellence ribbons, and an Air Force superior performance award. 

Jake enjoys hiking/backpacking, community service, space, working on cars and collecting watches. He is seeking a Commission as an Officer in the United States Air Force or Space Force as a Developmental Engineer.

Being a Norwich cadet means to me: “Being a part of something bigger than myself. Being a Cadet instilled within me the guiding values that this institution holds dear and taught me about selfless service, the power of integrity, and striving for the best through our motto 'I Will Try.'”

  Bryce Shively ’22

Cadet Bryce Shively is from Orchard Park, New York. At Norwich, Bryce has held many critical leadership positions in the Corps. This year, Bryce is an upperclassmen Platoon Commander in Charlie Company. In Air Force ROTC, Bryce completed Field Training and graduated in the top 10% of his class. He is a member of both the Regimental Band and the Mountain and Cold Weather Company.

Bryce is an avid outdoorsman to include backcountry skiing, mountaineering, fly fishing and hiking. He loves reading, playing instruments, and training for triathlons. He will be commissioning in the USAF as a Combat System Officer, and ultimately hopes to become a pilot. His long-term goal is to pursue his doctorate in civil engineering.

What being a Norwich cadet means to me: Bryce says “being a Norwich Cadet means I am a man for others. In all of my Norwich experiences, I had to work as a team. I had to uphold the virtues of this institution in order to lead my team to success. In other words, being a Norwich Cadet to me is being a great teammate, willing to take sacrifices for their teammates.”

Daniel S. Smith '22
  Dan Smith ’22

Cadet Dan Smith is from Billerica, Massachusetts. Dan organized and executed multiple Corps FTX's within Charlie Company and 2nd Battalion. He was Training NCO for Charlie Company Junior year and is Charlie Company XO Senior Year.

Dan enjoys horseback riding, fishing and construction projects. He plans to work for the Department of the Air Force on Hanscom AFB with the base Civil Engineering Department. In the future, he would like to own and operate a general contracting firm specializing in building custom net-zero homes.

What being a Norwich cadet means to me: “Setting the example for others and being able to overcome challenges that other people in society normally wouldn't face. It's about being responsible for not only yourself but others. It means having a duty to yourself and everyone around you to be the best individual that you can be so that others may thrive in your footsteps behind you for generations. Being a Norwich Cadet means you are accountable for the reputation of the great leaders before you and the standard they uphold. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to call myself a Norwich Cadet.” 

Derek McKane
  Derek McKane ’22

Cadet Derek McKane is from Stratford, Connecticut. He's held a variety of leadership positions in the corps and is the c/1LT S1 for 1st Battalion Corps of Cadets. He serves as treasurer for the Chi Epsilon (Civil Engineering Honor Society) and the American Society of Civil Engineers and maintains a GPA of 3.47.

Derek enjoys mountain biking, hiking and experiencing nature. His future plans include working for a structural/transportation company to leverage his many lessons learned at Norwich.

What being a Norwich cadet means to me: “Leading and being a helping hand to those who are in need. As a cadet you learn to take what you have around you and run with it. Even if the team is understaffed, poorly informed and ill-equipped we find a way to accomplish the mission. Either that be in the classroom, on a jobsite, in the military, or anywhere we as cadets end up after graduation. The Corps of Cadets teaches us to lead from the front and persevere through life challenges without complaining or giving up.”

Skull and Swords is extremely proud of Cadets Carls, Anthony Kilgallon, Nick Kilgallon, McKane, Shively, Dan Smith, Evan Smith and Zawadzki. All have expressed sincere thanks and gratitude to the donors who are helping them achieve their goals and dreams through these scholarships. Their futures are bright.

Skull and Swords 2020-2021 Scholarship Recipients

For the academic year 2020-21, three outstanding cadets were awarded scholarships:


Nick Kandra
Nick Kandra ’21

Cadet Nick Kandra is from Crofton, Maryland. He serves as a Company Commander and also on the Ring Committee. Nick is a proud member of the Norwich Lacrosse team and is a GNAC Champion.

When he’s not playing lacrosse, Nick is an avid health and fitness enthusiast. His future plans are aligned with “service” and he plans to pursue opportunities that allow him to give back.

When asked to describe his Norwich experience, Nick stressed that “Norwich has given me numerous opportunities and allowed me to grow in ways I never would have imagined. More than anything, being a Norwich Cadet has taught what it means, and what it takes, to be professional.”

Regan Covey ’21

Cadet Regan Covey is from East Corinth, Vermont. She serves in the Vermont National Guard and is scheduled to deploy in 2021. She’s excelled as a member of the Norwich Woman’s Soccer team and found time to stay focused on the classroom and her grades. In high school Regan wasn’t sure college was for her and she credits Norwich for creating an environment to her to thrive.

In addition to soccer, Regan enjoys water sports, tubing, boating and hikes with her dog. Her future plans include serving in the National Guard and a goal to work for the FBI Behavior Analysis Unit.

When asked about what the Norwich experience has meant to her, Regan said “Being in the corps is like a safety net, no matter how hard things get you will always have your rook family and other friends. You are never alone and you always have good people to help keep you going in the right direction. It makes me really proud when people ask me where I go to school to be able to tell them I go to Norwich and I am a cadet.”

Gianni Valentino
Gianni Valentino ’21

Cadet Gianni Valentino hails from Vacaville, California. He has been a member of the Vermont National Guard since his freshman year. He’s maximized his time at Norwich in the classroom and in the Corps. He’s previously achieved Dean’s List status, completed Level 1 MCW training and serves as an Upper Classman Platoon Leader.

Gianni enjoys camping, fishing and shooting. His future plans include additional service with the Vermont National Guard and Law School.

When asked about what Norwich has taught him, Gianni responded “Being a Norwich Cadet means to accept the hardships expected in the Corps of Cadets and be willing to go the extra mile that students at other Universities are not expected to do.”

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Skull and Swords is proud of Cadets Valentino, Covey and Kandra. All three expressed sincere thanks to the donors who are helping them achieve their goals and dreams through these scholarships. Their futures are bright.