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BBNC - Personal Note Allen D. Aldenberg 10/19/2020  
CAPT David Aldenberg was nominated as Chief of Police of Manchster, NH.
BBNC - Personal Note Jason S. Balgos 10/19/2020  
MAJ Jason Balgos '99 Deployed to Special Operations Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve (SOJTF-OIR) for most of 2020. Following his Re-Deployment he and Christinas (Yangco) Balgos '01 will PCS move their Family (Gabriel 11 and Michael 6) and German Shepard "Bear" to Hawaii where he will begin he his Terminal Assignment with US Army Pacific.

BBNC - Personal Note Gary C. du Moulin 10/19/2020  
Gary C. du Moulin, Ph.D., M.P.H., was recently recognized by the United States Pharmacopeia for 25 years of service on the Council of Experts and Expert Committees. Currently a member of the 2015-2020 Modern Microbiological Methods Expert Panel, Dr. du Moulin was first on-boarded as a USP volunteer in 1995 as part of the Gene and Cell Therapies Expert Panel. He subsequently served as a member of the 2000-2005 Gene Therapy, Cell therapy, and Tissue Engineering Expert Committee; member of the 2005-2010 Cell and Gene Therapy Expert Committee; Chair of the 2005-2010 Fetal Bovine Serum ad hoc Advisory Panel; and member of the 2010-2015 General Chapters-Biological Analysis Expert Committee. Dr. du Moulin received his B.S. in 1969 from Norwich University (Northfield, Vermont), an M.S. degree from Northeastern University, and M.P.H. and Ph. D. degrees from Boston University School of Medicine. He retired as Vice President, Quality Operations at Genzyme Biosurgery and as Senior Director of Quality Aseptic Control for Genzyme (A Sanofi Company) where he participated in the development and execution of quality systems for Genzyme's products including biologics and cell based therapies. Prior to his industrial experiences, he served 15 years on the faculty of Harvard Medical School in the Department of Anesthesia at Beth Israel Hospital. He has more than 150 publications in the areas of microbiology, epidemiology, and the regulation and quality control of living cells as a therapeutic modality. Dr. du Moulin recently completed a teaching assignment at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University in Boston as Adjunct Associate Professor of Drug Regulatory Affairs. He is retired from the U.S. Army Reserve at the rank of Colonel after 38 years of service
BBNC - Personal Note Molly S. McGlaughlin 10/19/2020  
Molly McGlaughlin has been appointed as chief operation officer of Vigene Biosciences, an award-winning specialist in plasmid and viral vector development and manufacturing.
BBNC - Personal Note Malcolm B. Reid 10/19/2020  
Last month IFSEC Global announced its 2020 Most Influential in Security & Fire list. This list showcases industry thought-leaders, security executives and other industry leaders around the globe and receives hundreds of nominations. I was quite happy to have been named #5 in the commercial category under thought leadership.

Picture published in Winter 2021 Issue of Th Record
BBNC - Personal Note Stephen J. Crowley 7/2/2020  
Steve and Bonny Crowley (living in Oregon) met up with "locals" Ed and Susan Giannattasio in Ft. Lauderdale this past February.
"Was great to see each other and catch up". Per Steve, he not been to Ft Lauderdale since spring break Sr. year with Rocky T, Small Paul and a host of others.
We shared great memories of that now long ago trip and of course Norwich University.

Photo published in Fall 2020 issue of the Record.
BBNC - Personal Note Crystal R. Durairaj 6/15/2020  

BBNC - Personal Note Michael P. Aubut 6/11/2020  
Rook roommates and now business partners Michael Aubut and Chuck Winn both A Company, NUCC 1991, hanging out in St Augustine, FL.

They own a financial services company based out of Orlando.

Photo published in Fall 2020 issue of the Record
BBNC - Personal Note Chase A. Berg 6/11/2020  
2LT Chase Berg Comissioned into the United States Army in May 2020 and was pinned by NU Club of Seattle/Tacoma Officer, LTC Dennis Downey USA (Ret.) '81.

Photo published in the Fall 2020 issue of the Record.
BBNC - Personal Note James P. Connors 6/11/2020  
James Connors became an Airborne Ranger without being recycled and is now being deployed from Camp Drum N.Y. to Afganistan.

BBNC - Personal Note Crystal R. Durairaj 6/11/2020  
In 2009, Crystal andher husband were married in India, and subsequently moved to India to assume the leadership of a large orphanage called Hope Mission Home. Later they founded a new orphanage/children's refuge called Sanctuary Home. In 11 years of service they have provided safety, education, and a future for over 1000 abandoned, trafficked, and orphaned boys and girls.

Currently, they are in the process of filing a new non-profit organization called Jubilee Commission, through which we purpose to extend our reach to other "untouchable" sub-groups within India, including widows, adult victims of human trafficking, factory slaves, and more. They are also in the middle of the construction of a school, called Sanctuary School, where untouchable, abandoned and trafficked children can receive a high-quality education free of the abuse and stigmatization which they face in other schools.

They have also had four children: Deyasis (9), Vega (7), Selah (4), Jerah (10 months), and are expecting our fifth child this August.

Photo published in Fall 2020 issue of the Record
BBNC - Personal Note Jeff C. Leggit 6/11/2020  
Jeff recently got promoted to full Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Uniformed Services University. He is actively engaged in teaching, research and clinical care. He would love to hear from his classmates.

BBNC - Personal Note Emmanuel R. Motaze 6/11/2020  
Emmanuel currently lives in Cameroon, where he works at the office of the President of the Republic. After successfully defending his Doctorate thesis in International Relations at the Geneva School of Diplomacy, he wrote a book:
FROM POLITICAL DISSIDENCE TO EXTREMISM : A GUIDE ON COUNTERING TERRORISM IN AFRICA - The Case of the LRA in Uganda, Emmanuel Roger Motaze - livre, ebook, epub
BBNC - Personal Note Paul R. Parsons 6/11/2020  
Paul Parsons attended the World War Two Airborne Demonstration Team's basic jump course in July and October of 2019 and earned his wings, jumping five times from a WWII C-47. The Airborne Demonstration Team seeks to remember the sacrifices of WWII veterans, honor their memories and serve as a living history program. They jump at air shows and at commemorations in Europe of WWII parachute operations.

Photo published in Fall 2020 issue of the Record
BBNC - Personal Note Frances E. Perez-Wilhite 6/11/2020  
Fran Perez-Wilhite is the newly appointed ACVBA chairwoman. She was chosen by committee members to lead the ACVBA in its mission to support veteran business affairs and provide advice and policy recommendations to the SBA Administrator. A former U.S. Army officer, Perez-Wilhite is a business developer with the North Carolina Military Business Center in Charlotte.

BBNC - Personal Note Christine D. Millette 5/8/2020  
Even though Chistine's married name is fuller, When she goes by LTC she uses her last name Millette. So her mailings should be addressed tp LTC Christine Millette
BBNC - Personal Note Thomas A. Bussiere 4/13/2020  
LtGen Thomas Bussiere was assigned as Deputy Commander, United States Strategic Command, Offutt Air Force Base, NE.
BBNC - Personal Note Joseph H. Egolf 4/13/2020  
Class of 1964 get-together in Sarasota, Florida

Photo published in Summer 2020 Record: back row- Joe Egolf , Della Halleck Manchester, Bob Halleck, Steve Cerjan, Bob McAllister ,Bonnie and Mike Elkins. Front row: Holly McAllister, Arlene Egolf, Kate Manchester, Patty Cerjan

BBNC - Personal Note Robert A. Fabich 4/13/2020  
LTC Victoria Ragan 96' (Assistant Deputy Chief of Nursing), MAJ Lena Fabian 04' (Certified Nurse Midwife), MAJ Torry Hook 05' ( Chief Nurse Method Analyst), MAJ Robert Fabich 06', 07' (CRNA & Chief of Anesthesia) all play integral leadership roles at Bassett Army Community Hospital ,the US Army's most northern hospital, located at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks Alaska. All four graduated from Norwich University's Nursing Program and commissioned in the United States Army.

Photo published in Summer 2020 Record
BBNC - Personal Note Ryan W. Fitzpatrick 4/13/2020  
Ryan Fitzpatrick graduated Army basic training on February 20,2020 and started officer training in March where he should complete in May.

Photo published in Summer 2020 Record.
List has 348 notes on 18 pages << < 1 2 3 4 5 > >>

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