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BBNC - Personal Note Trevor D. Albertson 7/11/2022  
On June 8th, Dr. Trevor Albertson was appointed as the new Vice Chancellor for the Yosemite multi-College District in Northern California's Sierra Nevada mountains and Central Valley. He will be the "second-in-command" of a public-college district consisting of two colleges, three large campuses--as well as numerous other instructional centers and sites, serving more than 550,000 residents across 4,500 square miles in six counties, enrolling roughly 35,000 full-time equivalent students, with nearly 2,000 employees, and granting Bachelor and Associate degrees. Simultaneously, Trevor successfully completed his last assignment as the President and Superintendent of Lassen College in Northeastern California, where he led the single-college district since 2019. Also of note, Trevor's 2019, peer-reviewed book "Winning Armageddon," which chronicles the development of American foreign policy and nuclear strategy during the early Cold War has been lauded by numerous critical reviewers in the field. Trevor is nearing completion on his next scholarly book, which will examine the firebombing of Japan in 1945, what was targeted--if anything was targeted at all--by the Americans, and the efficacy of the firebombing in forcing Japan's capitulation to the Allies.

Published in the Winter 2023 issue.
BBNC - Personal Note Bryce C. Barros 11/8/2022  
In June 2022, Bryce Barros '12 was selected for the Council on Foreign Relation's (CFR) Stephen M. Kellen Term Member Program. As a CFR Term Member, Bryce will receive the opportunity to participate in a sustained conversation on international affairs and U.S. foreign policy. In addition, the program allows these younger members to interact with seasoned foreign policy experts and participate in a wide variety of events designed especially for them. Each year, a new class of term members between the ages of thirty and thirty-six is elected to serve a fixed five-year membership term.

Published in the Winter 2023 issue.
BBNC - Personal Note Christopher M. Faux 8/22/2022  
The Class of 1986 lost its Class President and great friend on 14 August, 2022. Steven "Flem" Fleming passed away in his summer home on Martha's Vineyard. He will always be remembered for his welcoming smile, contagious laugh and his ability to make whomever he spoke with the most important person in the room. Steve would spend hours solving your problems while never burdening you with his. Steve's passing is a significant loss to anyone who knew him... he is greatly missed by his wonderful family and Norwich brothers!!

Published in the Winter 2023 issue.
BBNC - Personal Note Sherry L. Ferno 8/23/2022  
On June 24, 2022, Sherry Ferno retired as a Major working with the IG from the Alaska Air National Guard . She served in the Air National Guard for 32 years. Enlisted in January 1990 as an Airman with the Vermont Air National Guard, she commissioned in 2009. See photo.

Published in the Winter 2023 issue.
BBNC - Personal Note William E. Hayden 9/30/2022  
Bill Hayden '91 was recently awarded the Washington State Bar Association Award for Professional Excellence (APEX) for his leadership raising awareness of injured veterans and pro bono work directly supporting injured veterans. See:

See photo.

Published in the Winter 2023 issue.
BBNC - Personal Note Robert E. Kumpf 9/30/2022  
CAPT Eric Doucette '92 and Rob Kumpf '13 met up in Grand Haven, MI in August during the city's Coast Guard Festival. CAPT Doucette is currently the senior-most Coast Guard alumni and is serving as chief of staff of the Ninth Coast Guard District in Cleveland, OH. Mr. Kumpf is currently the senior-most Coast Guard Auxiliary alumni and is currently serving as district captain- east in the Ninth Coast Guard District-Western Region. See photo.

Published in the Winter 2023 issue.
BBNC - Personal Note Robert E. Kumpf 9/30/2022  
Rob Kumpf '13 was recently selected to serve as the Director of Training for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, a 21,000-strong uniformed volunteer component of the U.S. Coast Guard. His term will commence on 01 November 2022 and run for two years during which time his team will be responsible for modernizing and expanding all training within the organization across the US and its overseas territories. Mr. Kumpf has been a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary for a decade, following his decade of service in the Army. He has contributed over 15,000 hours of volunteer service in that time. See photo.

Published in the Winter 2023 issue.
BBNC - Personal Note Michael A. Smith 6/29/2022  
Michael Smith, PE (NU 88) was recently promoted to Senior Technical Leader at Weston & Sampson Engineers. Smitty has been with Weston & Sampson in their Waterbury, Vermont office for 14 years and will be leading the company's market development for industrial wastewater and pre-treatment under their Wastewater Program. Weston & Sampson, founded in 1899, is a 750+ person Civil/Environmental Engineering firm serving the eastern seaboard. Smitty lives with his wife, Debra, and youngest son in Elmore, VT. His oldest son recently attended Norwich University. See photo.

Published in the Winter 2023 Issue.
BBNC - Personal Note Daniel A. Corindia 4/25/2022  
Dan Corindia is retiring from the USAF after 21 years. The family and I are moving back home to Sullivan, NH after many years "on the road". We hope to see you all more often!

Published in the Summer 2022 Issue.
BBNC - Personal Note Henry J. Mau 9/2/2022  
In June 2022, Henry Mau '84 retired after a total of 35 years of government service. He, his wife Sabine, and two children will remain in the Williamsburg, VA area where he is now working as a USG contractor.
BBNC - Personal Note Rebecca S. Acheson 3/31/2022  
Cullen Acheson, '18, and Rebecca Acheson, '18, of Maryland, announce the birth of their daughter, Brianna Nova Acheson. Brianna was born on March 8, 2022 at Howard County General Hospital in Columbia MD, and is her parents' first child. See photo.

Published in the Summer 2022 Issue.
BBNC - Personal Note Carole L. Appleton 2/6/2022  
After a 19-month COVID assignment as a Specialized Case Investigator with the Epidemic Intelligence Unit (EIU) of the Massachusetts Community Tracing Collaborative (CTC), Carole became a member of the Montachusett Public Health Network team, serving Central Massachusetts communities.

Published in the Summer 2022 Issue.
BBNC - Personal Note Richard E. Hayden 1/26/2022  
Remembrance of roommate Bill Cryer '68 on MLK Day

Today I was motivated to write down some memories of Bill Cryer and what his life meant to me. Happy to share it with you. I know that many of you were also positively affected by Bill's life. Please share your memories and thoughts (and I would treasure any photos that anyone might have!)

Best to all-I hope that you are doing well. Dick

I think that today is appropriate to pay tribute to a special person who changed my outlook on life, as well as that of many others.

Bill Cryer and I were assigned as roommates upon entering Norwich University in the fall of 1964. We both aspired to be engineers. Bill was the first in his family to attend college, and he was determined to live up to the opportunity that had never been available to his ancestors or parents. The beauty of a Norwich education is that EVERYONE starts the journey from the same spot. Bill's determination and his family's commitment rubbed off on me and we both nailed our academics in our freshman and sophomore years, while passing on the readily-available social opportunities and most extracurricular activities (and I had learned to concentrate while he practiced his trumpet across our shared desk). We enjoyed conquering the challenges of the Norwich life and had many good laughs about it. We both had steady girlfriends but, sadly, given the social attitudes prevailing at the time, we (he) chose not to even go to a movie theater together. Bill was warmly embraced by my folks and was a frequent guest at our home, and his wonderful parents became friends of our family.

See the Spring 2022 issue of the Norwich Record for more of this class note.
BBNC - Personal Note Brian P. Robertson 2/21/2022  
CW5 (Ret.) Brian P. Robertson '87 received the 10,000 Hour Flight Award from Major General Charles Cleveland on 25 June 2021. Program copy reads "CW5 Robertson received the prestigious and venerated 10,000 Army Aviation Flight Hour Award this past summer; one of two soldiers to have received this award while on active duty. He contributed immeasurably to the unit and accumulated over 11,000 flight hours, 5,700 of which were in combat and imminent danger."

Brian also retired from the U. S. Army with over 34 years of service on 5 November 2021. See Photo.

Published in the Spring 2022 issue.

BBNC - Personal Note Jonathan A. Marshall 1/6/2022  
Jon Marshall '05 was named the New England Patriots Coach of the Year after successfully leading Randolph (MA) High School to its first ever Super Bowl victory on Dec. 1, 2021. With this award Jon is now nominated for the Don Shula award presented to the top high school football coach in the entire country. Jon teaches history at Randolph H.S. and lives in Milford, MA with his wife Jennie and son Callahan. Jon is also an active member of the Class of 2005's reunion committee. See photo.

Published in the Spring 2022 issue.
BBNC - Personal Note Dakota J. Shelton 1/6/2022  
Dakota Shelton '20 and Brian Winner '15 graduated from the New Jersey State Police Academy on Dec. 23, 2021 with the 162nd class. See photo.

Published in the Spring 2022 issue.
BBNC - Personal Note Brian M. Winner 1/6/2022  
Dakota Shelton '20 and Brian Winner '15 graduated from the New Jersey State Police Academy on Dec. 23, 2021 with the 162nd class. See Photo.

Published in the Spring 2022 Issue.
BBNC - Personal Note Matthew B. McGrath 11/24/2021  
Matthew McGrath, '03, and Kimberly Predham, of Union, NJ, announce the birth of their daughter, Margaret Lynn McGrath. Maggie was born on Nov. 14, 2021 at Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ, and is her parents' second child.

Published in the Winter 2022 issue of The Record.
BBNC - Personal Note Matthew B. McGrath 1/15/2020  
Matthew McGrath recently accepted a position as an associate editor at, the Fox Business Network website. He previously worked at The (Bergen County) Record where he worked as an assignment editor and led a team of reporters to win a breaking news award from the Society of Silurians and the New Jersey Press Association in 2019. He lives in New Jersey with his wife Kimberly. They celebrated the birth of their first child, Emily Anne, in March 2019.

BBNC - Personal Note Eric R. Anderson 6/24/2021  
Eric was recently named Senior Director for Business Development at General Dynamics Information Technology leading GDIT's efforts to develop competitive solutions for Federal agencies in the Transportation, Justice, Finance and Diplomacy sectors.

Published in the Fall 2021 issue of The Record.
List has 378 notes on 19 pages << < 1 2 3 4 5 > >>

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