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If you know of an alumnus/a or friend who has passed away recently, please send the notice and a copy of the obituary (if available) to Norwich.  Mail to The Alumni Office, 158 Harmon Drive, Northfield, Vermont 05663, call 802.485.2100, fax 802.485.2156, or email us.

If you would like more information regarding a name on this list, feel free to contact Norwich at the information above.  Please note that we do not have a detailed obituary for all names listed,  but those we do are clickable links to the full obituary below. Obituaries that appear below were provided by the family or friends of the deceased to inform the Norwich community.

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If you see 'lost' in anyone's city field, we simply don't have a current address for them. Know where they are?
Let us know!.
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NameClass of
Patricia L. Aakhus'93
Joseph R. Abagis'15
Frank P. Abbadessa'54
Lee M. Abbott'62
Walter H. Abbott'53
Herbert C. Abramson
Barry L. Accornero'80
Leonard A. Achey'59
Philip M. Ackerman'62
Franco W. Acquaviva'93
Christina Adam'89
Nicholas J. Adamo'56
Bonita Adams'68
Carol A. Adams
Carolyn B. Adams'15
Charles J. Adams'39
Charles S. Adams'40
Clayton W. Adams'63
Donald E. Adams'22
Donald N. Adams'65
Douglas P. Adams'38
George F. Adams'15
John H. Adams'47
Lewis R. Adams'39
Peter B. Adams'66
Richard A. Adams'92
Samuel Adams'46
William H. Adams'21
John Adcox'93
Gordon W. Addy'51
John W. Agansky'68
Jane Agrillo
Joan K. Ahearn'45
Mark T. Aherne'68
Roger A. Ahrens'63
Arline Aiken'33
Harry W. Aiken'33
J K. Aiken'23
Dante Aimi'29
G. Robert Akam'58
Robert U. Akeret'50
John R. Akin'61
Ilmars Akots'60
Richard A. Alafat'57
John Albani'40
Harry W. Albee'64
Mary F. Albee-merrihew'84
Rena Albertazzi'54
John A. Albree
Harry R. Alcott'46
Results: (1 - 50) of 500