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Thank You for Supporting the Skull and Swords Scholarship

The Skull and Swords Scholarship was founded with the primary objective of preserving the traditions, high standards, and positive reputation of its alma mater through the awarding of scholarships to senior Cadets. 

Justin Orabona ’83 and Jim O’Brien ’85 lead the Skull and Swords Scholarship program and spearhead the daily fundraising efforts.  Orabona notes that while many in the alumni group initially struggled with the disbanding of Skull and Swords on campus over 20 years ago, the brotherhood has now embraced the idea that the best way to continue its legacy is through providing scholarships to deserving senior cadets.  O’Brien notes that we have been seeing tremendous support to build the Skull and Swords endowment into a significant resource for many generations of future cadets.   “We want our legacy to remain in perpetuity and we’re seeing that as a real motivator for our alumni to contribute to our fund.” 

Orabona and O’Brien both say that initial tensions with the University when Skull and Swords was disbanded have subsided and now everyone is working together to make Norwich stronger.  Orabona says “It’s really rewarding to see that spirit and drive in the administration to support both an alumni group and current and future cadets.”  It takes deep personal commitment to help finance a student’s Norwich education and these people have stepped up to fill that roll at the listed giving levels. 

Robert Joseph Arnold '90 aka “BA” & “Bubba” (L); Vincent T. McDermott '90, @ NU and present, (R)
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Donor Roll

At least $1,000
Keith Barrett ’80
Jake Beaudoin ’91
Mike Bisacre ’80
Scott Bolcik ’87
Dave Christian ’85
Ken Cull ’80
Robert Dussi ’96
Robb Etnyre ’89
William Goetz ’64
Bill McCollough ’91
Mike Norman ’86
Tom O’Hear ’82 
Dave Oste ’88
Mark Pheeney ’92
Robert Stedman ’72
Stephen Smith ’84
Walter Upham ’72
Greg Valloch ’83 
Gary Viera ’85 

At least $2,000
Dave Brigham ’88
Jim Carey ’75
John DiFederico ’92
Tom Fournier ’99
Steve Hunter ’90
Phil ’43 and Phyllis Marsilius
Jeanne Moore in memory of Jeff Moore ’65 
Jerry O’Connor ’85 
Rob Spring ’72 
Dan Sweeney ’62

At least $3,000 
Mike Anastasio ’67
Rob Archambault ’95 
Joe Capobianco ’88 
Chip Chase ’86 
Kevin Daniels ’85
Mike Driscoll ’82 
Jerry Furman ’90 
Pete Petronzio ’84
Al Pettingill ’63  
Richard Poach ’84 

At least $5,000 
Anonymous in memory of Dick Tyler 1922
John Connors ’88 
Kevin Lawrence ’84
Rich Leslie ’84 
Charlie Lilley ’83
Kelly Strong ’90 
Lee Waples ’76 
Mike Yesalonia ’82

At least $7,500 
Ken Leon ’89 
Justin Orabona ’83 
Kevin Sawyer ’81

At least $10,000 
Bill Crittendon ’65
Mike Hamilton ’89  
Jim Fagan ’87 
Rod Maxson ’73  
Mark Powers ’82 
Skull and Swords Alumni Association
Steve Sorice ’83

At least $15,000 
Tony Agnitti ’84
Jim O’Brien ’85 

At least $20,000 
Norwich Alumni Fins and Feathers

At least $25,000 
Ellen Arnold in memory of Bob Arnold ’90  
Vin McDermott ’90 

The 572 Legacy Circle

The following Brothers made a commitment to include the Skull and Swords Scholarship in their estate planning.

Rod Maxson ’73  
Jim O’Brien ’85  
Justin Orabona ’83 
Mark Powers ’82