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Frequently Asked Questions

How much cash will a student need? Students may use their CadetCa$h for laundry and postage. Some cash may be needed for other small incidentals. $40, at any one time should suffice. Books and supplies from the bookstore, may be purchased with CadetCa$h, personal check or credit card. People’s United Bank ATMs are available in 2 locations on campus for student use. Money, credit/debit cards and valuables need to be secured at all times.

What are the Cadet$Card and CadetCa$h? The Cadet$Card is your Norwich University ID, building access and meal card; CadetCa$h is a debit plan that can be added to your card by opening a CadetCa$h account. The laundry, vending machines, snack bar, uniform shop, bursar, mailroom, bookstore, athletic concessions and some local merchants accept CadetCa$h. Contact the Cadet$Card Office for information at 802.485.2840.

My student needs more money for books and school supplies, what do we do? If you established a CadetCa$h account, you can add to the balance by check, credit card (online at or in person) or cash. Add money online at The Bursar’s Office is also a good source for financial assistance or information 802.485.2055.

What are the rules regarding cell phones and their usage? Common courtesies of cell phone use are expected and use is not allowed in the classroom. Cell phone coverage is limited in Northfield, though there is an AT&T tower on campus and a Verizon tower nearby. All NU students receive a 5% discount on their base plan through the AT&T University Advantage Program. All Norwich students with a valid University ID and/or email address are eligible for the discount regardless if you are a new or current AT&T customer.

What is the process to resolve a problem in the residence halls or in general? Students will learn about utilizing the Residence Life staff to resolve issues or conflicts in the residence halls or around campus as part of their orientation to Norwich. Of course, the Residence Life staff is always available to parents and students needing assistance. The Residence Life Office can be reached at 802.485.2660/2643.
How do I contact my student in case of an emergency? You can call the Dean of Students’ Office during business hours, 802.485.2640; after hours (4:30 p.m.), please call Campus Security at 802.485.2525.

I haven't heard from my student, what should I do to ensure he/she is ok? In the event that you are seriously concerned about the welfare of your student; please call the Dean of Students’ Office 802.485.2640 or the Residence Life Office 802.485.2660/2643.

How often can I visit my student? Family members and friends are welcome to visit their student any time the student is free from classes and obligations. We highly encourage attending Family Weekend September 29 – October 2, 2016.

Can you provide me with more information about the Oath Ceremony and can I attend? All students take an Oath that they will live by the Guiding Values of Norwich, the Honor Code and Student Regulations. Parents are invited to observe the Student Oath Ceremony on Sunday, August 28, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. on the Upper Parade Ground.

When is Family Weekend and how can I find area lodging? Family Weekend is September 29 - October 2, 2016.  It’s a wonderful weekend to visit with your student and enjoy see the many student activities and organizations that are showcased that weekend. To locate lodging in the area visit:

If I live in the area and want to drop something off to my student, how do I get the item to him/her? You are encouraged to contact your student directly to make arrangements based on their schedule. If needed, packages and mail may be delivered to the NU Mail Room in the Wise Campus Center during business hours;  after hours arrangements can be made through the Dean of Students’ Office, 802.485.2640 or Residence Life Office 802.485.2660/2643.

Can freshmen have cars and whom do I contact for an exception? First year students do not have vehicle privileges; however, students who have medical reasons or have commitments to military drill with a National Guard or Reserve unit may contact the Dean of Students’ Office, 802.485.2640, to request an exception to the policy.

Are students allowed to have food and a microwave in their rooms? According to the student regulations students are allowed to have food and one microwave in their rooms.

Are the residence halls wired for the Internet? Yes, each student will have his or her own port that will allow access to the Internet. Students may bring or purchase upon arrival an Ethernet cord. In addition, each Residence Hall is wireless compatible.

My student takes medicine daily, will this be a problem? Can he/she keep the medicine in the room? We trust that you have provided this information to our Infirmary staff and that the student will share any health concerns with our professional staff as well. Students are allowed to maintain authorized prescription medications in their room and may self-medicate.

What is the purpose of Orientation? The purpose of Orientation is to assist your student with their transition into the NU community; both academically and socially. Activities are planned throughout the week (August 24-28) to bond new students to all aspect of Norwich University. If you have questions regarding Orientation contact Ryan Johnson at or 802.485.3372.

Updated June 2016