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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Corps of Cadets organized?

The Corps is organized as a regiment with three battalions. Each battalion is assigned four companies. Each company has four platoons. Each platoon has four squads. 1st Battalion is comprised of A Co, B Co, CTC 1, CTC 2. 2nd Battalion is comprised of E Co, F Co, CTC 3, CTC 4. Provisional Battalion is comprised of Band Co, Cavalry Troop, Drill Co, CTC 5. Rooks are assigned to a Cadet Training Company (CTC) 1 through 5, then a  platoon. For example CTC 18-1-1 is the year 2018, Cadet Training Company 1, 1st Platoon.


When will my Rook know his/her company and platoon assignment?

Upon arrival and check in to your Rook’s assigned dormitory (barracks). Rooks will depart from the President’s welcome ceremony by their assigned unit.


When will my Rook know his/her roommate(s)?

By the afternoon of Rook Arrival Day, as the Rooks complete their gear inventory and begin putting their room together.


How do I break in my military shoes or combat boots?

Simply wear a pair of socks and your shoes/boots around the house or in the yard for several hours over the summer. Do NOT wear your boots in the shower or submerge completely in water to break them in.


I cannot find a location to purchase the prescribed military shoes:

Contact our Cadet Uniform Store at (802) 485-2206 or email


Norwich University requires cadets to participate in ROTC for two years. Is there any obligation to serve in the Armed Forces after graduation as a result of this ROTC requirement?

No, there is no obligation to serve. The two years of ROTC experience are an integral element of the leadership development experience common to all cadets – irrespective of their desire or ability to commission as an officer – and are a substantial benefit derived from Norwich University’s status as a Senior Military College.


Does Norwich University’s status as a Senior Military College guarantee my son or daughter a commission as an officer in the Armed Forces after graduation?

No, it does not. ROTC scholarships and programs leading to commission are highly competitive and administered by the ROTC units assigned to Norwich University. And while the medical standard for a commission is common to all Services (the DoDMERB physical), the academic and physical fitness requirements can be unique to each branch of Service. A number of Rooks report to Norwich with 4-year national ROTC scholarships earned while completing High School; most cadets, however, earn their ROTC scholarship in the first or second year as an enrolled Norwich student while participating in ROTC. Commissioning opportunities outside of the ROTC program are available to all Norwich students through sources such as the Army National Guard, Marine Platoon Leader’s Course (PLC), and others.


What physical fitness test will my Rook be required to pass?

The Norwich Corps of Cadets follows the Army manual for physical fitness testing. Therefore, your Rook must be prepared to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test consisting of two minutes of pushups and sit ups, and a timed two-mile run every academic year. A remedial program is available for those who fail. For instructions, standards, and tips on physical conditioning, visit


My son/daughter wants to be a varsity athlete for a fall season sport; is there an earlier date to arrive for preseason camp?

If your athlete has been invited to attend a preseason camp for a varsity sport, he or she will be notified by the coach of the arrival date. All varsity teams do offer tryouts and the date/time of the tryouts will be announced during coaches briefing with the freshmen class during orientation week. Your son/daughter may also stop by Andrews Hall to see one of the coaches or send an email to the coach asking the date/time of walk on tryouts.


If a Rook arrives early for preseason varsity sport camp will he/she be assigned to their permanent room?

Yes, if the room is ready for occupancy.


How much cash will a Rook need?

Rooks may use their CadetCa$h for laundry and postage. Some cash may be needed for other small incidentals. $50, at any one time should suffice. Books and supplies from the bookstore, may be purchased with CadetCa$h, personal check or credit/debit card. Money, credit/debit cards and valuables need to be secured at all times. An ATM machine is available in the Wise Campus Center. Cadets Card Office - (802) 485-2840 /


My son/daughter needs more money for books and school supplies, what do we do?

If your child has established a CadetCa$h account and added you as an authorized payer, you can add to the balance by check, credit card (Online or in person) or cash. The Bursar’s Office is also a good source for financial assistance or information (802) 485-2055 /


My son/daughter takes medicine daily. Will this be a problem? Can he/she keep the medicine in their room?

This information must be provided to the medical staff at the University’s Infirmary located in Marsilius Hall. Students are allowed to keep medications prescribed to them in their rooms and may self-administer their medications. NU Infirmary: (802) 485-2552 / The Infirmary is supported by the Green Mountain Family Practice located at the base of the Shaw Recreation Center.


When can I expect my first phone call and what is the policy?

Expect a call on at the end of orientation week (Sunday, August 26). Rooks are allowed one phone call a week after Rook Orientation, typically authorized on Sundays. Rooks are allowed to use their cell phone for such calls home; otherwise their cell phones will be secured in their room. Beware that some Rooks will call friends instead of parents.


What are the rules regarding cell phones and their usage?

Rooks are not authorized to carry cell phones on their person during an initial period of rook training. They will be secured in their room until otherwise authorized with certain perimeters. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon have towers on or near campus.


How do I contact my Rook in case of an emergency?

During business hours (0800-1630 EST) call the Office of the Commandant at (802) 485-2135; after hours call the Regimental Guard Room at (802) 485-2589. If positive contact is not made, NU Public Safety is always available at (802) 485-2525.


I have not heard from my Rook in some time, what should I do to ensure he/she is okay?

Email is the best way. Your Rook receiving a personal letter or card in their NU mailbox is always well received. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for a reply. Remember that personal time is limited and please be patient.


When will I be able to interact with my Rook for the first time?

Parents are invited to observe the New Student Oath Ceremony on Sunday, August 26 (1330) and Labor Day Parade on Monday, September 3 (1030), however there is no opportunity to meet or interact with your Rook prior to Family Weekend, September 27-30.


Are Rooks allowed to have food (e.g. candy or snacks) in their rooms?

Rooks are allowed to keep a small amount of non-perishable food in their room in a sealed container. We recommend nutritious snacks like power bars or granola bars that can be kept in a plastic, shoe-box-sized container.


If I live in the area and want to drop something off to my Rook, how do I get the item to him/her?

Packages and mail via USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, DHL mail may be delivered to the NU Mail Room in the Wise Campus Center during business hours (0800-1600); after hours’ deliveries will require arrangements through the Commandant’s Office. Please address to: RCT First Last Name, NU Box ###, 158 Harmon Drive, Northfield, VT 05663Note: Freight carriers will not deliver to a PO Box; ensure the correct address as written above appears.


What is the leave policy for Family Weekend on September 27-30, 2018?

Leave begins immediately after the Corps of Cadets Review with Retreat on Friday, September 27 (approximately 1700). Rooks must return to campus by 0900 on Saturday morning in order to participate in scheduled activities and unit competitions. Leave resumes immediately following the Saturday afternoon home football game (approximately 1630) and Rooks must return to campus by 1600 on Sunday, September 30.


What if a Rook’s family is unable to attend Family Weekend?

Our directive is “no Rook left behind” in the barracks during Family Weekend and most often a Rook will join their roommate’s or platoon member’s family for the weekend. Rooks are not required to leave the barracks.


What is the leave policy on weekends?

Rooks are not eligible for overnight passes or regular leave except on scheduled University holidays. Their Assistant Commandant or the Commandant can approve emergency leave in the event of an emergency. Special occasions such as weddings and family reunions will certainly be considered.


Does Norwich University provide transportation for students to and from nearby airports?

No. Students must coordinate individually with a taxi via or shuttle service for transportation via

The Dartmouth Coach, Lebanon, NH is a resource to Boston and NYC airports:


What happens if we live a great distance away and we cannot afford travel expense for our Rook to return home during Thanksgiving, Semester, or Spring breaks?

The barracks are closed during extended breaks. Many rooks will stay with a roommate or platoon member or some will stay with a faculty or staff member. We also have alumni who welcome students into their home. The Office of Civic Engagement also offers alternative break service trips in and out of country.


Can Rooks have cars, and whom do I contact for an exception such as military drill?

Rooks are not authorized to keep vehicles on campus. Special authorization may be obtained from the Commandant for Rooks who drill with a Reserve or Guard unit. Please send an email directly to the Commandant of Cadets for special authorization at


My son/daughter is in the Reserves/Guard. Can he/she wear military-issued clothing items?

No. Rooks must wear the cadet uniform of the day as prescribed in the NUCC Standing Operating Procedures.


What are the policies regarding email?

All students at NU will be assigned a Norwich email address have access to email. The goal is to have Norwich network connectivity from their personal or Norwich computer during Rook Orientation Week.


What is the chain of command for problem resolution?

Rooks will learn about using the Regimental chain of command as part of their orientation to the military lifestyle. The Office of the Commandant is always available to parents and students needing assistance.


How do I find out my student’s academic advisor’s name and contact information?

The first person to ask is your student. If your student has signed the FERPA release, you may also contact the Office of the Commandant who can provide the academic advisor’s name, phone and email address.


When is Regimental Ball and can my Rook invite a date to attend?

The NUCC Regimental Ball is a formal military ball to celebrate the history and traditions of the Corps of Cadets. It will be held on October 20 and rooks are allowed to bring a date. A visitor’s form must be completed for all guests and any guest under the age of 17 must have permission from parent/guardian with a notarized signature. Your Rook can pick up a visitor’s form from his/her first sergeant or through the Housing Office, Jackman Room 213.


Can my son/daughter attend off campus religious services? If so, is transportation provided?

Yes and yes. The house of worship is contacted and the religious leader, staff or congregation is queried to determine who is available to provide rides. Note: if a particular group does NOT provide transportation, the student may ride with another student going to the same place AFTER SUCH APPROVAL THROUGH APPROPRIATE CHANNELS (i.e. the Chaplain or Commandant’s Office). In certain circumstances, the University will assist with arranging transportation for faith groups. For details, contact the Chaplain’s Office at (802) 485-2128.

Updated June 2016